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A Home, A Family

Updated on October 7, 2012


A moment ago, a question was asked by Sarra Garrett. It made me think not only about the issue as it is but the cause and has prompted me to start writing this hub. I would like to suggest not only options for the welfare of the children but some kind of prevention that placed them there at first.

1)Many single individual that wants to adopt children are prevented to do so; for a good reason but there are many good singles who are more capable and compassionate than some couples. Another reason would be for the children to have a complete family environment. This is also good reasons. But all of these comes back to the way the children are raised, the values passed on to them. Having a single parent may not necessarily result in the children choosing to be a single parent compared to a set of parents that leaves a child to fear marriage. I was raised by single individuals (before they find their spouse and got married). I do not end up despising marriage, nor do I lack male or female figure because the family in itself provides the lack by the impression of a father role in uncles and mother role in aunts in a close knitted, loving family. By suggesting these; I am also suggesting a detailed review of the applicant(s) and a probational period of regular social worker's visit to ensure that the child is safe and well taken care of.

2)There must be individuals or couples that are willing, capable and devoted to children who can provide a LOVING home for a few orphaned children. Normally, there are people out there who cares but lack the means to provide, which can be met by any organisations. I believe, when everyone become TRULY aware of the needs; more than one group can come together to offer solutions. The important factor is the people who are going to raise the children. How genuine are their intentions.

Nursing Home

Everyone starts as a newborn, a toddler and they grow to become teenagers and an adult. They may start having their own family and it isn't long after they became grandparents. Some people grow old surrounded by loved ones who genuinely care and provide for their needs. There are those who are as well taken care of by their children. We do not want to judge another's family but suffice it that we understand that there are many factors that contributes to the existence of nursing homes everywhere in the world.

Just as the juniors need a home and family. The older one's also longs for the same things. They may have a roof above their heads that shelters them, but is it a home or just a little better than a hospital? No matter how old a person is, whether they are senile or well functioned, whether they are leaning on a cane and take 20 minutes to walk the corridor, whether they are suffering from Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer. They are still a PERSON with feelings and memories of love. Even a person that has lost their memories remembers the emotion of love though some no longer have the memory flashing in their minds.

Senior Citizen

When we were young, our parents raised us with love, patience, investing their best in us and they gave us hope for a future. Some of us grew up without a proper family but we were raised by someone or a group of people that cares for our welfare. Be it our relatives, foster family or raised by the system. we were all raised at one time of our lives. When we do not know how to dress ourselves, when we are unable to feed ourselves. There is someone who feeds us, changes our soiled napkins or diapers. We can say all we want but we were shown compassion when we needed it the most. That was when we know nothing at all.

I will not argue that some of us had a hard childhood. We do not feel like we belong. We were even abused as innocent as we were. I know how it is to be confused and sobbing in a corner. Sent to places I pleaded in my young heart that I wouldn't have to go. Separated from people that I love facing a new set of rules and a different environment. Believe me, I know. But it is time that we become a bigger person and understand this one truth. People behave the only way they know how to at a time. Again, we must accept that we were being cared for once upon a time. Thus, when we see others who has reached the golden age, we may come to a realization that we too; shall one day become old. We may tell ourselves that we are well prepared. We have our wealth, our children loves us and all sorts of securities that we surround ourselves with. Yet no one can see the future.

Developing a Caring and Healthy Society

As the children are released into homes, people should be educated regarding responsibilities in bearing children. More social counsellors are needed to talk with unhappy couples, parents and children. Encourage people to learn coping and communication skills. Conduct public awareness talk. Prevention is always better. I say this in effect to teen pregnancies, one of the causes for the increasing of neglected, orphaned children.

We all need to do what we have to do; the best way we know how to manage within our season of life. Some of us who are forced into the last resort to send one or both of our parents to a nursing home; just remember to love them. Show that you cherish them with your time, by visiting them as often as possible. A better way of showing that is by coming with your whole family and do call them whenever you can. And always ensure that they are in good hands.

The young needs unconditional love, good example to follow, hope and guidance. The older one's also yearns for love, needs understanding, empathy, genuine care and our time. To tell them 'Thank you' for whatever they have managed to contribute to our generation.

We may deal with the issues at hand, but the root of the problem must also be handled. It all starts with society. With you and I. We can make a change Today.

When I started writing this, I am aware that there would be many who will think I do not know what I'm pointing out. Maybe so; but my point is not about the past. It is about now. Again, not about the past but also about a future generation that will have a better attitude and mindset by learning what we can show them in this present time.

An elderly man can be a caring, male role model for a child to learn moral values as they grow up.
An elderly man can be a caring, male role model for a child to learn moral values as they grow up.
Every little girl wants to explore their femininity. An affectionate and loving mother or sister is the best  heart to heart friend can hope for.
Every little girl wants to explore their femininity. An affectionate and loving mother or sister is the best heart to heart friend can hope for.


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