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A Little Life

Updated on January 2, 2010

Children are precious miracles sent from God. He puts them in our care. These little ones first experience with trust is with their parents. And the sad thing is their first experience with distrust is sometimes also with the same. This is so unacceptable, to teach a little soul, so innocent, to fear and lose trust. What problems will this cause later in their life? Issues with anger, trust, love and respect.

I love a little boy that is almost four. In his little life he has seen things that I didn't see til I was an older adult. His parents are no longer together but they have displayed behavior that is not healthy for anyone, themselves included. They have hit on one another, cursed one another, destroyed property and just have had an all around bad attitude. He has witnessed much of this. I have heard him scream when they would start fighting. I have seen the fear in his little face. I have tried talking to them and tell them what they are doing to his spirit, but my words fall on deaf ears. So I do what I can to right the wrong. I love him and hold him close when I get the chance and I pray for his beautiful little spirit to grow in the right direction.

We, as parents, have a huge role and responsibility in our childrens lives. We are suppose to give our children childhood memories that are good, peaceful, memorable. Of course there are arguments. We all have them. But to do some of the behavior I have witnessed in front of a child is so wrong. Some will say 'well it teaches them that life is hard', 'it's not a bowl of cherries.' This is true but shouldn't they learn that later on in life when they can understand a little more, but they should never witness abuse in any way. Children are sensitive little beings, they can sense when something is wrong, when there is a tense atmosphere. They do not understand what it is about but they know when it is not happy. And they are always watching, learning from our examples. How we live our lives, how we handle different situations is teaching them. Our everyday life is a classroom for our little ones. So we must set good, healthy examples for them mentally and physically.

Many people think nothing today of standing on the street, or in a grocery store, etc. and fight and curse one another. Myself, I would prefer you take it somewhere private, out of the ears of others, out of the ears of the little ones. No one wants to hear it. Many years ago, parents didn't argue in front of their kids. Today I have seen women standing there with a child in their arms and slap her better half. Ugly words, ugly scenes. This sets an example for these little ones. It sends a message, it's okay to be hit, it's okay to be controlled, it's okay to be angry and act it out. I have known of couples doing drugs in front of their kids. I just don't get it. These litttle ones are the future of this country. Growing up under these conditions sets a precedent for their lives. How will they make good choices and decisions when the poorest of examples is set?

Morals these days seems to have flown out the windows. If you have no morals how are you going to teach little ones right from wrong? Many have their own concepts of right and wrong. I have experienced this with my own sons. Their ideas of right and wrong leaves something to be desired. I raised them with good morals and lots of love. But society these days as a whole teaches our children it's okay to cheat, it's okay to hit, it's okay to act out your anger, its okay to do drugs. To me this all unacceptable. We need to get back to the basics. Respect others and yourself, be honest, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, be a good person, makes choices that are good for your soul.

Children must have good examples set from the start. Their little souls are very delicate. They are eager to learn and they look to us for that guidance. They look to us for love and safety, for kisses and hugs, for comfort and strength, for smiles and laughter. No life is not easy, but it is hard enough for us as adults to deal with sometimes, at least make their childhood something they can look back and say, 'my mom and dad were always there for me, they loved me, they protected me, they taught me well.' This is the legacy we should leave our children, one that will follow them through their lives as healthy, loving, caring adults. And maybe one day this country and it's people will get back to the basics where integrity, honor and respect are first and foremost in our lives.


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    • create a page profile image

      create a page 8 years ago from Maryland, USA

      I agree with you singlmomat52. Children are our heritage. They are like an extension of ourselves. We need to teach them the right values and morals by example. I enjoyed reading your hub.