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Therapy Tools- Life for A SENSE-ATIONAL Kid!

Updated on July 13, 2014

Thistle Blocks

Chloe playing with her thistle blocks!!
Chloe playing with her thistle blocks!!

New Toys For Chloe

I was on a mission to find some new toys for Chloe that would engage her and help her grow.I had the privilege of going to sensory critters a store in Ft. Wayne, IN that has all kinds of neat toys and tools for sensory children. I love going there because I let Chloe go and follow her around to see what toys she will go for and attract her attention. I find that this is really helpful for me and it is so much fun for her. It is always a great experience for us together to go and try out new things and play. This trip we were able to get some really cool stuff for her to play with and to use during therapy and during night time sleeping and calming activities. The one I was most excited about was the giant rolling pins. Chloe enjoys deep pressure exercises the best, these allow us to pretend she is the dough and roll it on her back when she lays on the floor, then we add the toppings. She giggles and laughs the whole time great fun for her, me, dad, and sis. We also picked out this great noise whirligig toy that she grabbed up first thing when we were in the store and she loves watching the stuff inside move and twirl as the little beads fall down. We got some very colorful puppets for her to play with we got one for her and the same one for her sister so we can encourage them to play together. Lastly, we got some thistle blocks something a little different then regular blocks with more texture. Always such a fun outing with my little girl!!!!

Whirligig-not actual name but it is what we call it!!

Chloe looking at her whirligig she loves this toy!!
Chloe looking at her whirligig she loves this toy!!

Calming Therapy

We use on Chloe to calm her and the therapist uses them with her as well to slow down after active play.  Deep pressure while she lays on her stomach.  We pretend she is pizza or cookie dough!
We use on Chloe to calm her and the therapist uses them with her as well to slow down after active play. Deep pressure while she lays on her stomach. We pretend she is pizza or cookie dough!


Therapy for a sensory child is a must in my opinion. We have started Chloe out with two therapists one being a OT or Occupational Therapist and a Developmental Therapist. We might even be adding a Speech Therapist into the mix. I know it seems like a lot but getting a well rounded therapy group is key to breaking down some of the walls that your child has around them. It is important to note though that when organizing or looking for therapy that you feel comfortable with the therapist that you choose. In our situation we are part of a state program called First Steps, here in Indiana and although you get to choose between two facilities, you are assigned therapist at availability. However, with that being said we can choose to ask for a new therapist should one of the ones we are working with is not clicking with us or with Chloe. Don't feel bad if you have to change therapist, every therapist and child is different and because everybody has a different style or technique doesn't mean that you are being rude by asking for a new therapist. The important message is to find somebody you feel comfortable with and that your child feels comfortable with because if you don't the therapy will not be very rewarding for you or your child. Be an active participant in therapy sessions so that you know what the therapist is doing with your child so that you can continue to work with your child throughout the week while the therapist is not present. Never depend on a therapist to do all the work, this is your child and you have to want to expand on what the therapy is teaching and follow through. I know it can be rough and for working parents it can be more tough because you have less time with your child. If you are in need of just support or comfort try locating a support group in your area or leave messages on my hub sometimes it helps to just get out your frustrations or talk out your day. I am currently in the process of organizing a support group that can meet not just online but in person. I will be posting information about it soon, for the NE Indiana area so look for new information on that and what we will be doing!!

Play, Play, Play

Most therapy can be achieved through play. You can have so many fun adventure with your sensory kid and each day is a new day with new challenges. That is why we call our Chloe a SENSE-ational kid. Because she is and everyday we learn more things and learn more techniques and have our own homework to work with her but it is all worth it. Of course, you have seen be say it before is you are not alone of this journey and try to have some fun with it, because many therapy activities that incorporate play are fun for everyone in the family. So go PLAY!!!!


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