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A Page From Mother's Diary..

Updated on May 1, 2012

Unconditional Love..

Unconditional love..
Unconditional love.. | Source
My son, my buddy
My son, my buddy | Source

Motherhood at it's Best.

Three years and I have my best job in hand. Guess, this is the only job for more than 15hrs time. When I first started on this job my boss was too demanding. Almost for a year I was doing night shifts or truly speaking there were no fixed hours. I was always on call. A little delay in anything will lead to an uproar. There are no holidays, no perks, and no incentives but still I cannot ignore my boss. He uses to rule on my mind 24x7 and the best part I had given up a great job for this. My mind will be constantly thinking about his needs. But still, I always look upward and thank to almighty for giving me an opportunity to serve him in his company.

No matter how hectic is the day, that one innocent smile will be like a most precious gem for me. Which I cannot even buy from money. A smile, where I can see heaven. A smile, that could disarm anyone. At the end of the day, I could forgive him for every unreasonable demand that he had made, every mess that he had made for me to clean up, screaming to gain attention. I just hold him in my arms and feel the blessing by almighty. A giggle, a naughty laugh from him made me feel as if I had been awarded by Love prize and makes me feel I am on top of the world. In the first year he followed me like a shadow, never wanting to be away from me, always keeping a watch on my move. I would be looking forward for one meal which I can relish and have but the moment I’ll have my lunch or dinner he’ll call me for his nature’s call. After sometime I realise he’s imitating me. I learnt of my own differences through his imitations. With growing years he moved away a little.

Many of my friends are involved in important jobs. Some are geared up in making careers and some are into unconventional careers. There was a time when I was really career oriented. Nobody could imagine me staying at home for anything more than a short duration. And yet, for the past two and half years, I’ve been home. But still, making way from home and beyond. Wondering, if somebody were to ask me for interview, what would I say I have done? Taking care of my little terror. Shouting with excitement, things which he cannot share with anyone other than me, messing around with snacks, getting involved in all his games, stepping in kitchen and making delicacies to please him. Getting him water in the middle of night when I know he’s just reassuring and need hug which he make excuse to wake me up. Truly speaking, it may seem nothing- but it’s says everything. Which I must say that it’s been an easy decision or that all I’ve done.

There are mothers who have worked who wish they had been with their kids, mothers who have been with their kids who wish they had worked; as they say” the grass is always greener on the other side” . Every decision a mother makes is good and everyone is worthwhile, but ultimately trying is something we mothers love to do. When my son was born, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I had recorded some precious moments of his early childhood like his first crawl, first baby steps , his first speech and the way he express his feelings. I had continued working after my son born for maximum 8 months, but even I started feeling I was missing out on time with him, even I felt as he was too active boy he use to keep everyone on toes and since my mother had to take care not only him but another kid my grandpa at home it’s best on my part and decided to spend more time with him.

I just can’t forget when I made the decision to stay home; he was as excited as now full time I’ll be with him and make him comfortable. His arms don’t have to wait too long to reach me. The warm afternoons when I pick him from his three hours school and then evening we’d play some games, doing paintings or an outing. A lot to say was growing up, but I must confess I never had so much fun as he recalls me my childhood and even I am growing up with him in parenting. I thought I would wait for him to grow a bit more, spend quality time with him settle him in regular school and then get back to work . It’s always better not to be too late. I realise that nobody can do it like a mother does, whether she is working or not. All mothers love their children’s and all have their individual reasons for doing what they do and they all do their best under their circumstances.

In my case, with my challenges I chose to give my quality time and to be best buddy of my son, enjoy watching him growing. I needed to be there with my son and I was and that makes it worthwhile.

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    • profile image

      Anitha 5 years ago

      Very true to every alphabet . mother's love n attention makes a lot of difference in a child's growth, physical,mental social everyway .. totally loved ur page