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A Trouble Free Guide On How To Check Your Baby’s Development

Updated on August 22, 2016
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Solid career in Nursing before being a mother myself. During my journey as a mother I studied part time and completed my journalism degree.

Infancy Hearing And Development

From the very beginning, you want to make words and voice available to your baby. Chatting to your child about what is going on around her using statements is extremely important. Kids who live in a language rich environment have a good vocabulary and consequently have higher intellectual function than those in a language poor home. Reading to your child should be as natural as breathing and a daily activity or habit just like brushing your teeth. It should continue far beyond the time that he can read for himself as you are able to read at a higher level and share the ideas and thoughts. In these early years when boys and girls cannot sort out TV voices, the natural sounds of a household life should be available to them.

With the advent of universal newborn hearing screening, all children should have their hearing screened before they leave the hospital. Make sure that your baby was screened and that the results were normal. If the hearing screen is not passed you need to get a definitive evaluation by three months of age. If this evaluation shows that your child has a hearing loss then it is important to move need to get to treatment in the form of hearing aid and educational intervention by six months of age or her present and future language potential may be greatly compromised. Children with a severe or profound hearing loss or deafness can be treated surgically with a cochlear implant which electronically stimulates the auditory nerve. Recent research suggests that children with these implants rate their quality of life as high as children with regular hearing levels. For older children, any child whose language is not developing properly or shows signs that he is not hearing well needs another hearing evaluation. The question is not whether he hears but whether he hears well enough to develop good speech.

The practitioners who diagnosed your child's hearing loss are very likely the same people who can provide evaluation for amplification. A cochlear implant can be considered but your child will need to have a trial amplification of three to six months. If your child has hearing loss she should also be tested for vision issues.

Monitor volume levels on earphones for music and video players.
Monitor volume levels on earphones for music and video players.

How To Care For A Child's Hearing

Since hearing loss can come about because of environmental influences it is smart to get children in the habit of protecting their ears. Teach them to plug their ears when in the presence of sirens and subway trains. You should also monitor volume levels on earphones for music and video players.

Your Child’s Language Acquisition

Language Acquisition is one of the fascinating parts of child development and parenting. This topic has an added dimension when there are two languages spoken at home. During their first two years, children can be slower at developing language however if you have concerns about language development at any time you should always seek professional advice rather than assume it is because your child is slow. There are several factors that are thought to contribute to the initial delay in the language development. Parents interact less with their babies on a one to one basis and therefore have less eye contact with them. Parents tend to speak in shorter sentences to babies and use less complex language. Once children start school differences in speech development usually disappear so there are no long-term repercussions.

The visual system does a lot of maturing in the first year.
The visual system does a lot of maturing in the first year.

How Your Child's Eye Work

The eye is the most amazing of traditional cameras. For vision to develop normally these focusing components of the system must be properly formed and aligned and functioning well. In addition, that brain behind the camera has an important sensitive and dynamic period of development in the first few months of life. The visual system does a lot of maturing in the first year. The most dramatic and important are the brain's ability to make the eyes work together.


While childhood cancers are rare in children under five there are a few that can strike. You should let your parental instincts rule. If something does not seem right then get it checked out. Signs will be excess fatigue and the tendency to bruise more easily than the normal toddler.

What To Do If A Child Seizure Occurs

If you are seeing unusual movements that occur as spells being able to produce a good description of these spells is extremely important since that is the main clue that the physician uses to determine what is going on. It's important to note what the baby was doing just before the seizure so glance at your watch early and then at the end. Then it is important to note what the child did afterwards such as sleep or resume her activities. Sometimes you are talking about an isolated incident but other times it repeats. Being able to capture them on a video will be extremely helpful. Bring that to your doctor's visit or email it to him beforehand to help with assessment.

Duplicated Fingers or Toes

Being not uncommon extra fingers or toes in babies can be surgically removed.

Introduce reading to your child at an early age as it is beneficial for her development.
Introduce reading to your child at an early age as it is beneficial for her development.

Reading To Your Child

It is never too early to start reading to children and you should try to read to one child at a time whenever the opportunity arises. Even very young babies respond to bright images and the rhythm of your voice. At this stage touch and feel board books are ideal and as they get older they can more easily turn the pages themselves. Older babies can listen to longer stories and may relish a variety of different types of books as well as continuing to enjoy one or two particular favorites. Pick something that you enjoy reading too and the experience will be even more beneficial. Reading a story at bedtime can help establish a good sleep routine but having a book to hand at any time of the day and even when out and about can help improve a baby's mood and provide an invaluable diversion.

Child Intellectual Disability

The definition of an intellectual disability previously known as mental retardation is controversial. There is a general agreement that it is a significantly subaverage intellectual function associated with other deficits. Firstborn children are often most at risk as well as twins.

Certain Measures You Can Take To Stimulate Your Baby’s Speech Development

Maximize your eye contact with them as this is vital in language acquisition you will know that you have their attention and they will be able to watch and copy the shape of your mouth and try to make the same noises ensure that as much as possible your language matches your actions so that they can make a link between the two. Try to repeat words or phrases your baby is trying to say thus the baby hears them more frequently enabling and correctly. It is increasingly common for children to be brought up in a household where more than one parent has a different mother tongue and chooses to speak to their children in this language. This can cause a slight delay in language development. However, the advantages of knowing a second language from birth outweigh any temporary disadvantages.

List of Suitable Toys To Boost Infant Development

Up to four to months
Six to nine months
Nine to twelve months
Rattles and Teething Toys
Board Books
Shape Sorter Stacking Bricks or Cups
Baby Gym
Toy Phone
Musical instruments such as Xylophone and Drum
Soft Toys with a Crinkly Surface
Bouncer Activity Center
Pull along Toy Bead Frame
Rattles with Musical Toys and Shakers
Bath Toys and Cups
Small Inflatable Paddling Pool
Introduce toys that enhances their senses as it is essential to their development.
Introduce toys that enhances their senses as it is essential to their development.

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How a Baby Develops

As your babies grow older getting ready to go out can take some time. You will need to pack food and nappies plus toys for entertainment and other miscellaneous paraphernalia. Being well organized and calm will help to facilitate these trips. Accept that things are going to take the longer plan to do less and try to minimize the amount of preparation you need to do immediately before going out by having a nappy changing bag ready packed with all the things you need you could do this while your babies are asleep. Internet shopping for routine everyday items and presents can be a life saver for parents of twins allowing you to save your energy for more pleasurable outings. Once babies can sit up and have outgrown their rear-facing car seat they should be put in a front-facing child restraint whenever traveling in a car. These are designed to go in the back seat and never fit one in the front if airbags are installed as their release in the event of an accident could seriously injure a baby. Some seats have detachable backs so that they can be used as a booster for older children In the car You might find it useful to buy a child view mirror that clips underneath your rear view mirror making it easier for you to see what is going on in the back of the car.


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