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A few exercises that are safe to do while breastfeeding?

Updated on March 13, 2011

Breastfeeding and weight lost- My testimonal

Congradulations you have just given birth to your baby. After the reality of having a child has sunk in now comes the another issue. How to lose all those baby fat?

After I gave birth to my #2 I found that  it has been easier to shed off the 10 extra kgs that I gain the 2nd time around as compared to the 1st time.. I even managed to shave off an additional 10kg even while I was breastfeeding him. In total he was nursed for 2.5yrs.

I'm now back in the game of reducing weight again after the birth of my #3 child 4 yrs on. This time around I have learned quite a few different exercises and dieting techniques to help reduce my weight healthily. The baby weight went off after 2 months and I'm steadily reducing about 2-3kg a month to get back to ideal.

How it is possible to get some exercise while breastfeeding you may ask. It is definitely easy especially if you are the full time caregiver.

Exercises with baby

The easiest ways to shave off pounds would be:

  • Going for a brisk stroll in the park while pushing the baby buggy. For me I do thrice grocery shopping with my son in the stroller and we have to walk about 10-15 minutes to the nearest supermarket.
  • Doing baby & mummy yoga.
  • Doing household chores with the baby in a sling.
  • Going swimming is also a choice as a form of exercise
  • Climbing stairs
  • Doing Wi-Fi or Kinect workouts while the baby is sleeping.

Watching your diet

Even though it is important to make sure that you get the correct nutrients during breastfeeding there are certain foods which can be avoided.

Empty calories

  • soft drinks
  • junk foods

These foods are not only of no value but they will help you pile on the pounds as they are full of sugars/salts.

You should be taking more fruits and vegetables instead.


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    • Moon Daisy profile image

      Moon Daisy 9 years ago from London

      I think that breastfeeding helped me to lose some of my excess baby weight. In some people it can help to tone muscles and get your womb back to its pre-birth size more quickly. (This is because the nipple stimulation from feeding releases oxytocin, which in turn causes muscle-toning contractions).

      After I had my daughter I had severe back problems, so exercise was very difficult, but another impediment was the fact that my daughter was always attached to me! I needed excerses that you could do while sitting down with a baby on your breast!!