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A good girl gone bad.

Updated on March 23, 2016

Good girl gone bad.


A good girl gone bad.

A good girl, gone bad.

A girl who will chose money over love.

Pick a fight, even when she knows she is in the wrong.

When you away from her all you can think of ways to make her happier.

She is sceaming on how to make you miserable.

You lie awake all nlight thinking how to turn this house into a happy.

All she can think of is how I am going to take his heart and smash it and make sure he can never trust another, dare he fall in love again, I will be his last.

You losing weight, you can not focus at work, you can not seem to do anything right in the eyes of your dream girl.

She is playing with your emotions.

She is wasting your time, there is nothing worth fighting for.

You want to get married because it feels right, she wants to trap you.

All she wants is baby, she gives birth to a healthy baby girl, she names her Mercedes.

And she mocks the fact that you drive a Toyota, every day she reminds you how she is doing you a fovour, pigs will fly the day you buy her a benz, you cant afford me why am I still you, you worthless excuse of a man.

She has mastered the art of how to kill a man.

You have sleepless nights.

Your dreams are turning into nightmares.

Then finally you get a better job.

Within 3 years you purchase a family home in the burbs.

On her 30th birthday you buy her, her own benz that she has always wanted.

Things are finally falling into place.

You feel it is time for the two of ou to have another baby, you want to name her Empress.

She no longer wants to have sex with you, let alone make love to you.

She accuses you of cheating.

You panic.

Relax young man, she has mastered the art of how to kill a man.

You worship her, she used to serve you and adore the ground you walk on.

Now it seems you feel as though you fell in love with a demon.

You have not thought of another girl since you laid your eyes on her.

September 23 1999.

It gets even better.

Your friends know more about her emotions and dreams than you.

She has breakfast at wimpy with your closest friend.

You only find out because you were walking past the wimpy restaurant

One morning, with pink roses that you had purchased for her, as you do once a week, choosing a different color every week.

They laughing and holding hands, you walk by and do not say a word, as you know she will pick a fight.

Your lady is man killer.

You stressed once again.

What shall I do to make this woman happy?

Perhaps she will leave me, you can not bear to face reality without her in your life.

You pray to the Lord and ask Lord please help me save my marriage.

A voice says perhaps it is time you should leave her.

You fight the voice.

Perhaps the Lord has answered your prayer.

You ask her let us go for counseling, she says honey do not be silly we are perfectly fine.

She is a beautiful liar.

You blinded by love, now you being silly, this woman has never loved you.

You allowed yourself to be used.


When you think you have fallen in love, and you are left heart broken, there is no one to blame but yourself.

Pick the pieces.

Dry your tears if you have any left.

Remember how it felt when you were happy, with no doubts and strings attached.

Should you chose to fall in love, it is at your own risk, the heart ache you shall endure should it be lust. You may never ever love again.

Protect your heart at all costs, only let in those that have your best interests at heart.

A good girl, gone bad.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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