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A Successful Way to Potty Train

Updated on July 8, 2014

How to Potty Train Your Child


A descriptive method for successful potty training.

Child development experts say that children are ready to potty train between the ages of 18-36 months. As a mother and a previous childcare giver, I can tell you one of the most successful ways to potty train your child. After reading many books and researching much information on the subject, I’ve combined a few methods to come up with the absolute best one. I have used this technique on many children and it has been a very successful system. Think of the money that will be saved, and the convenience it will bring. This will be your motivation to stay consistent.


Getting ready for the big day

First, purchase a potty, many pairs of training pants, salty snacks, and treats (colorful and chocolaty things work well) specifically for potty training. When you have purchased the potty, and the rest of the items, it is important not to bring it out until the first day of training. The reason is so that the child will be excited with all the new things and not bored with the idea.

For working parents if it is possible, it is a good idea to book a week off work if possible to help reach the optimum success. It is better for just one parent to do this for consistency throughout the whole week. This method usually takes from 1-7 days to complete. Some children are trained within 2 days. Place the potty in the area where they most play and keep it on a plastic sheet or running mat.


Preparing your child

Before starting on the planned day, first sit down with the child and potty nearby. Explain to the child in as fewer words as possible. An example would be, "Today when you have to go pee just pull your pants down and sit on the potty and pee. Then when you go pee you will get this prize. Show them the treats. The simplest form of conversation works best, too many words confuse children and can put too much pressure and expectations on the child which can cause them to forget.

Tips for success

Turn the heat up high and only let him or her wear a pair of training pants and a t-shirt. For naps and bedtime, diapers are still required. Give your child some water and salty snacks such as pretzels or a salted cereal mixture. This will make them extra thirsty and increase his or her water intake. Now they ready for success.


1. A song and dance

Every success should be treated with a treat and a lot of praise, such as clapping and jumping and dancing. When success is reached, empty the potty together and let the child flush the toilet.


2. Positive reinforcement

If the child forgets and wets his or her pants, try not to show any disappointment or any expression of displeasure. It is better to just give a gentle reminder of peeing in the potty. After a while, they will not like the wet feeling. It is important to check their pants every ½ hour. If his or her pants and say, "dry," "good." This will help make them pay more attention to the feeling of wet and dry.


3. Move the potty

After one week move the potty into the washroom. There is no need to give prizes after one week. Then after one month of success, remove the potty from the bathroom. Explain that they are getting big now and that they could use the big people toilet. This can be a little scary sometimes for toddlers. It is also a good idea to have a little step for the toilet to make it easier.


Things that can cause regression

Sometimes regression happens after weeks of the already potty trained child. This is fairly common and normal. In addition, changes or having company over can distract the child. Going to different playing environments can also add to this. Finally, it is key to just remember to keep reminding them if this happens.

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