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Activities to do with your children on a budget that they will love and remember forever

Updated on September 20, 2013


When you think about managing time for you children, are you doing everything you can to build a bond with your child?

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Fun art activities you can enjoy with your children (ages 2-92) begin with allowing self-expressions and imagination. If you have twenty dollars to spend on an extended project, you and your child will enjoy hours of fun. Painting is a great way for anyone to enjoy themselves, but children absolutely love painting.

Items you need

Paint: ($5-$12) The variety of colors, brand, quality, and where you buy it will determine the price.

Paint brushes: ($3-$20) You can get paint brushes from very inexpensive (100 count for $5) to specialty paint brushes which are more expensive because of the quality. If your little ones are two or three years old, you can let them cut loose and let them finger paint.

Ceramic figures: ($.66 each and up) Ceramics can be as inexpensive as .66 cents or a box of six for $3. The larger the ceramic and the more detail, the higher the price. If your child is older (pre-teens or teens), you might want to invest in the nicer items, so they can be proud of them.

Trash bag: You probably all ready have this in your kitchen. Cut the trash bag along the seams. Then line the painting area with the trash bag.

Old paper: (Free) Put the old papers on top of the trash bag to absorb any paint that splatters or spills.

Now, as a parent this is the most difficult thing to do, just relax and let them paint. Put them in old clothes you don’t mind them messing up. Now if you really want to bond, sit down with them and share a ceramic figure with your child. Ask them what section you should paint and what color. Let them tell you what they want you to do (since we are always telling them what to do). Depending on how artistic you or your child are, this project can last thirty minutes to three hours.

If you feel your inner-artist coming out, remember while you are having fun doing this with your child, this is a great way to build your child up. Complement them on their color choices and their artistic decisions. Be silly and have fun with them. This goes a long way later on. The positive words and healthy focus can bring you together. If you have multiple children and you carve out the time, spend individual time with each of your children. It makes it even more special because they have your undivided attention.

I have done this same activity with my daughter and several other children. They just light up. Making the time to do this will help build a strong bond between you and your child.

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Make your own paint - A fun do-it-yourself project to use with this activity


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