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Addison's Sleepy Time Tale

Updated on December 14, 2018
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Judy worked 35 years in insurance. In 1988, she started her & hubby's interest in Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs.

Addison's Bedtime Sleepy Tale

Once there was a little girl named Addison. She was as beautiful as a princess and had a lovely family. She was loved very much by her Mommy and Daddy and her grandparents and aunts and cousins and pretty much everyone else, too.

Addison loved to play dress-up. She especially loved her Fairy Princess dress and wings. One evening she had on her Fairy Princess outfit playing in her room. She heard a noise and looked up at her bed. There was a REAL Fairy Princess just sitting on her bed looking at her.

Addison said, "Who are you and why are you sitting on my bed?"

The fairy lady said, "I am Aliseana and I am a real Fairy Princess. I need some help. Would you like to help me?"

"Yes, I would like to help you if I can," said Addison. "What do you want me to do?"

The Fairy Princess Aliseana said, "One of my jobs is to sprinkle sleepy dust on the children in this area. I usually have a helper, but my helper has a cold and I need someone else to help me. Would you help me?"

Addison replied, "Yes, I would like to help you but you are so tiny. I think I am too big to help you."

"No problem! You are already dressed for the part!" Aliseana said, jumping up and clapping her hands together.

To her surprise, Addison found herself magically shrunken to a little bit smaller than Aliseana.

The fairy took Addison's hand and they flew together out of the house. Shortly they were over another house nearby.

Aliseana said, "There are two children in this house who need to go to bed now, but they are not sleepy yet. Here is a little bag of fairy sleep dust. We will go in the house and sprinkle sleep dust on the children and they will be sleepy and want to go to bed."

Addison followed Aliseana into the house where they saw the two children playing. Aliseana flew over one child's head & sprinkled sleep dust on her. She suddenly yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"I'm getting very sleepy!" the little girl said.

Addison quickly sprinkled some magic sleep dust on the second little girl, who also yawned and rubbed her eyes.

The second girl said, "You know, I am very sleepy now, too. Let's get in our beds and go to sleep. We can play some more tomorrow."

The two girls got in their beds, pulled up the covers and went to sleep.

"See how easy that was?' said Aliseana.

"Yes!" Addison exclaimed. "Let's go help some other children get sleepy so they can go to bed and rest, too."

Together Addison and Aliseana flew all around the area, sprinkling magic sleep dust on all the children who had reached their bedtime. Soon all the children were in their beds sleeping.

Addison rubbed her eyes and said, "I think I must have gotten some sleep dust in my eyes, too, because I'm getting very sleepy."

Aliseana clapped her hands softly together so that they appeared over Addison's house. They flew back inside to Addison's room and Addison found she was back to her normal size.

Addison's Mommy came in saying, "Addison, it's time for bed. Are you sleepy yet?"

Addison yawned and said, "Yes, Mommy, I'm very sleepy now."

Addison's Mommy helped Addison take her Fairy Princess costume off and put her pajamas on. Then her Mommy tucked Addison in her bed all warm and comfy and kissed Addison on her cheek, saying, "Sleep well, my beautiful Fairy Princess," and went out the door, turning off the light.

Addison looked around her room and finding a soft glowing light in one corner, saw that Aliseana was hovering over her. She smiled sleepily and said, "Good night, Aliseana. I had a really good time helping you make the other children sleepy."

Aliseana said, "Thank YOU, Addison, for helping me. Sleep tight and maybe I will ask you for help again sometime." Her light left the room as Aliseana flew off to her fairy work.

Addison sighed and turned over and she was asleep, getting ready to have a great day tomorrow.

The End - Shhhhhh!

Sleep Fairy


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