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Advice for Grandparents

Updated on November 25, 2012

A Letter To My Grandma

My kids have the best grandparents and great-grandparents on the planet. This light-hearted letter will hopefully encourage other grandparents in some things they are doing right and help them have a new perspective on some things that frustrate their children.

Dear Grandma,

I love you so much. I am so glad you are in my life, and my parents love you too, even if they are a bit grumpy at times. They think it’s very important for me to know you and are bummed that I don’t get more opportunities. Maybe someday we’ll live closer to each other but in the meantime, I wanted to let you in on a few secrets about my parents.

Grandparents Respecting the Rules of the Parents

They really like when you let me stay at your house over the weekend. And they really really like when you try to stick to the routines and rules they have set up (like bedtimes). I know it’s probably extra hard for you to stick to these rules since I get so excited and fun at your house. But don’t worry, if you stick to the routines, I won’t think of you as the “bad guy”. In fact, I will play with you just as much the next day.

When I was a baby they didn't like when you thought I didn't need a nap or when you woke me up just because you wanted to play with me.

Oh, and it makes them pretty upset when you tell me that their rules are silly.

Grandparents and Exceptions to Parents' Rules

They don’t like when you give me sugar before sending me home. But they DO want me to have a really special time at your house since I don’t get to see you very often. So they are trying really hard not to overburden you with lots of restrictions. You’ll probably have to forgive them a lot though, because they are kinda new at this parenting-thing.

Here are some fun things we have done that have made my time with you special:

  • Read two bedtime books instead of just one
  • Play dress up with all your shoes and scarves
  • Have a full day in my pajamas
  • Make up songs with my name in them
  • Eat dessert first
  • Run around in the rain and jump in all the puddles
  • Pick flowers and making them into things
  • Or any of the fun craft and activity ideas you find on Pinterest

We all like when you tell me stories about what Daddy did when he was little. Well, I guess Daddy doesn’t always like it.

Grandparents Teaching Skills

They like when you read to me and teach me your unique skills (like singing and drawing and feeding the cows and making things out of wood). It’s a lot more fun to learn these things from you than from anywhere else.

Grandparents Giving Advice

They are really thankful that you aren’t judgmental when they make not-the-greatest decisions. And it makes them feel good when you refrain from giving too much advice. They want you to believe in them.

They think I really need to know you and learn from your wisdom. I think they need to learn from your wisdom too, but sometimes they are just too stubborn to ask for advice. In those cases, you'll have to think creatively if you want to pass on some of your wisdom.

Grandparents and Technology

They think you are pretty amazing for knowing how to Skype and FaceTime. At your age, maybe that’s not so easy to learn :) but it’s worth it! I love being able to walk around my house with mom’s phone and show you my messy room and my new crafts. I love when you show me your pet too.

They like when you comment on my pictures on Facebook. And they know that they should be posting more pictures. You don’t really have to tell them that; it just makes them feel pressured.


Grandparents Giving Gifts

Thanks for the presents you give me! I always love them :) My parents get pretty annoyed with you when you pick out toys for me that make obnoxious noises, though. And if the toys don't have "off" switches, you can pretty much guarantee that Mom is going to permanently remove the batteries from them.

I really hope you will always keep loving my parents. That way I will always get to come see you, and my parents will always get excited when you come to visit us too!

I love you so so so much!


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    • ExpectGreatThings profile image

      ExpectGreatThings 5 years ago from Illinois

      Simoninikid - thank you for reading and commenting. We definitely have fun with the grandparents :)

    • SimoniniKid profile image

      SimoniniKid 5 years ago from Beautiful Glen Ellyn, IL

      well that was fun to read! Great tips! Clever to write this in the Grandchild's voice....and LOVE your photos :)

    • ExpectGreatThings profile image

      ExpectGreatThings 5 years ago from Illinois

      Thanks for your encouragement jpcmc. We love how much our kids love their grandparents :) And I think it's great that your parents have a sweet bond with your child!

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Grand parents seem to have a special bond with their grandchildren. I can see that now that I have a child of my own. My parents can spoil my child more than I do.

      This is a fresh new way of writing a hub. Great job.