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Aiswarya Rai going to be a mother cute........

Updated on April 21, 2012

Aiswarya Rai Bachen former miss world and famous Bollywood actress is going to be a mother soon. Father of her husband Abhishek Bachen and famous acter in Bollywood Amithabh Bachen released this news through twitter. He wrote in Twitter "I am going to be a grandfather. I am very happy and excited. After the release of this news, all fans of Aiswarya and Bachens are in excitment. Marriage of Aiswarya rai and Abhishek Bachen was in 2007. After this she was busy with some movie projects. Last year Enthiren starring her and Rajanikanth in Tamil was a hit all over India. Also There was Raavan last year starring her husband in Hindi and Vikram in Tamil. This was also a super hit.

She is a hardworking actor who deserve the position she is in today. From a normal middile class family she managed to became a world famous actress. She has starred in a lot of hollywood movies also. Some of them are very popular also like pink panther. She started her career in film industry through Iruvar in Tamil which was a super hit. From that point onwards there was no need to look back.

Aiswarya fans and Bachen family is in a mood to celebrate the arrival of her baby. Twitter account of Big B is filled with greetings after the release of this news through Twitter.


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      sony 3 years ago

      Aish tm kait se b pyri nh ho oh ho kait jb honsti hain to all india behosh ho jata hai.....