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Alien: The Journey 'Home'

Updated on June 19, 2011

Life from another Planet

Imagine you're five years old and at your elementary school's 'Open House'. The one night where you take your parents to school, showing them what you do all day. When it comes to meeting your teacher, she suddenly has a confused look upon her face. She stands about 5'5; short frosted blond hair is flipped out in the back, complimenting her round face. Her blue eyes always appeared friendly; while she wore faded blue jeans and plain long sleeve red t-shirt. First she looks over at your mom, who stands about 5"4, heavy set, round face, and a fair skin complexion. Round framed glasses sit in front of her dark brown eyes, while her short curly brown hair curls around her ears. Then she glances at your father. He is 5"3, skinny, narrow face, a grey mustache, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. He is dressed in a pair of blue jeans and American flag button down shirt. At first you don't think anything of it and by the end of the night 'everything is wonderful now.' the next day in class your teacher briefly talks about the night before. 'It was nice meeting all of your parents.' She addresses the students as their seated in groups of four spread throughout the small classroom. Then she calls on you, gives you one of those 'no offense' smiles and says 'You look nothing like your parents.' At first you sink in your seat, face slightly turning red from the embarrassment that was just unleashed. You then sit up and attempt a fake smile but thinking 'Wow, Barbie must have a brain! Call the local media, her brain has a few cells left! Be careful it's not a cordless or she might get tangled up and fall.' 'What is she talking about?' Immediately you ask your parents, hoping they would have an answer. Both of them are speechless creating the awkward silence, only making the situation worse. Suddenly the subject is changed, saving them for that moment. It isn't until you're seven years old and the 'truth' is revealed.

You're sitting in the kitchen at the white oval table having dinner. The five headed fan fixture above is on, lighting up the tan wallpaper, which lines the entire room. Your parents then decide, 'Now that you're old enough' to give you the "the talk". No it's not about 'where babies come from', but where you really came from.

The Home Planet

On September 23, 1984, time unknown, in a hospital in Bogota, Columbia, South America a baby girl is born. Her 'birth mother' wanted a better life for her child. Verses being surrounded by drug lords and cleaning houses for money, just to survive in a rural area. A nurse takes the child and cleans her up. Afterward she is put into the arms of two people, whom she'll call 'Mom' and 'Dad'; from the planet of New York City. For the next two months a bond would be formed between these three people.

Thanksgiving of '84 the parents and daughter leave Columbia and return to their beloved planet. And they brought back souvenirs, which would be passed down when their daughter was married. And so began the journey 'Home'.

The Planet of New Jersey

Twenty-one years have passed and she had adjusted to life and customs of this, her home planet. Life had been great, she made friends and was accepted to Ramapo College of New Jersey. After being accepted, she applied for financial aid to help pay for tuition. While filing out the 'F.A.S.F.A' form online the question appears asking 'Are you a legal citizen of this planet?' She answers no and had to pull out the 'Residential Alien' card and provided the number that was printed on the top. Once the application was completed, it wasn't long before the government awarded a small amount of money for tuition. This became a problem, because her parents didn't have her 'Naturalized' making her a legal citizen of the planet.

"How could you not do that for her?" The girl's Aunt Jessie asked

The girl and her parents along with her Aunt Jessie and Uncle Steve were seated at the kitchen table. They had finished helping clean up after enjoying a lovely meal, and sat down for coffee and cake.

"When we brought her here, she was a citizen through us. She was given a social security number and was able to become a registered voter. We didn't think to do it, when she began elementary school. Everything has been fine up until now." The girl's mother replied

While the conversation continued the girl thought about the night she told her friends. She was at her best friend Steph's house, sitting out in her backyard. A chain linked fence enclosed the large area stopping at both ends of the blue house. From the back doors, a white deck jets out with steps leading down to the hot tub on the left and swimming pool only a few feet away. The girl, Steph, Dave (Steph's boyfriend), sit with their feet dipped in the pool.

"You mean you're an illegal alien?" Steph asked

"Yea, my parents just decided to hold off on making me legal; ever since I was little. They thought it wasn't a big deal, but they were wrong." The girl replied

"Do you have a social security number?" Dave asked

"Yeah and plus, during my senior year in high school I became a registered voter. Explain that!"

"Are you going to get the paperwork to make her legal?" Aunt Jessie asked

The girl was suddenly startled, bringing her back to reality. She looked over at her mother. The mother nodded and knew she had to travel to a distant galaxy called Newark.

Traveling to the galaxy of Newark was a very interesting trip. The neighborhoods were very run down. Many homes had 'For Rent' signs sitting in their second floor windows. The first coats of blue,white, and red paint had already begun to chip off. Graffiti covered almost every small or large overpass bridge, numerous artists leaving their signatures everywhere. The majority citizens living there were either Hispanic or African American and they kept to their own kind. As the mother and daughter parked, the mother's '97 Maxima in a lot across from the Department of Immigration Services, they got out of the car. The mother paid the five dollar fee and soon they crossed the street. A large grey building stood in the distance, and as they got closer there were at least four entrances. As they came around the corner from the second entrance, they walked up a set of gray steps leading to two sets of revolving doors.

Inside the brightly lit, brown tiled main floor, there were four security guards. They were all dressed in light brown uniforms with shiny gold badges. Two men were manning the ex-ray machines, and the other two were standing by the metal detectors. Both mother and daughter placed their belongings upon the black conveyor belt, and the stepped through the metal detectors one at a time. Once cleared by security they approached another guard standing between security check in and the elevators. He stood about 6'0, African American, thin face, and dark brown eyes.

"Excuse me what floor is Immigration on?" The mother asked politely

"Immigration is on the fifth floor miss. Take the elevator up and when you get off just make a right and you'll come to another security guard; right before you enter the department." He replied in a low voice

"Thank you."

After taking the elevator up, the arrived at their destination. There was another security guard sitting at a wooden podium between the department and the elevators. He was an elderly gentleman, about sixty-five years old. His skin crinkled like paper, while a pair of clear framed glasses sat in front of green eyes. While the light from the fixtures above in the small lobby shinned upon his snow white hair.

"I just need to see your driver licenses please."

They handed them in and he carefully wrote down in a log, names, and the time they were coming. He handed them back and signaled for them to go inside. The room was large filled with six rows of chairs on each side, and a walkway down the middle. Blue carpet lined the bright white room, and in front glass windows and people sitting at desks. Lines would occasionally form at one window and the girl realized they were aliens too. Soon she and her mother walked over to a window, where a middle aged woman sat. She appeared short, long frizzy brown hair tied into a bun. A pair of pale green eyes started at the mother and her daughter, as they bother smiled. Her small round face remained expressionless. The mother reached into black tote bag and pulled out some documents and slid them underneath an opening at the bottom of the window. The girl remembered her mother had worked on these documents carefully; making sure everything was in order. She hoped this would make the process go little faster. The woman then stamped the documents and place it into a folder.

"You will be hearing from us by mail. inside the letter will say when you need to return. We're not sure how long the process will take." The woman smiled

"Thanks." The mother sighed

As they left the galaxy, the mother was not pleased. She had hoped everything would have been taken care of 'on the spot', but she was wrong.


Another year passed and the girl had started Ramapo College of New Jersey. Classes and other activities kept her busy, but toward the end of the second semester she receives a phone call from home. Her mother explains that she needs to come home and travel back to Newark to become a citizen of the planet. The girl understood and immediately contacted her psychology professor to see if she could take her final one day before the exam day. Luckily he agrees and by that weekend the girl travels home.

Monday, 9:30 AM, the girl and her mother return to the Department of Immigration Services. Security once again cleared them to go up to the fifth floor. As they walked into the large room, they immediately find an open window and a very sweet older woman, named Ms. Williams. She stood about 5"2, African American, a little curvaceous, bleached blond hair, and dressed in all black. After she took the girl's file out, she pauses and notices something missing.

"Ya'll need two more passport photos. There is a place next store that takes them for ten dollars. Get the photos taken and come straight back to me." She smiled

They leave the office building and find the photography place is attached to the building. When they entered through the white screen door, they went down a flight of of dark grey stairs and into a small stuffy, off yellow office room. Heat was blasting from a space heater in the back corner of the room. Three black desks were lined up on both sides of the room. The mother pays for the photos and the girl is positioned to stand in front of the wall. The photographer was a middle-aged, Caucasian man, green eyes and gray hair. As he held the camera up to take the shot he pauses.

"You need to take your earrings out please." He explained

The girl sighed, but then did as she was asked, handing all six rings to her mother. Within five minutes the photos were taken and the two woman return to the department building. After coming into the room, they find Ms. Williams again, just as she was finishing with another couple. She then takes the photos and has them copied onto two documents. She comes back and has the girl sign the copied documents. When the girl finished Ms. Williams smiles and says 'Ya'll are now a legal citizen, sweetie. Congratulations." She then hands the girl her paperwork and letter from the Galactic Monkey Overlord George W. Bush. As they left to go back home girl looks over at her mother.

"I waited twenty-two years for this! Twenty-two years! And to think you and dad didn't do this sooner."

"I'm sorry. But look now you're a legal citizen of this planet."

"You're right, but you made me wait twenty-two fucking years!"

At that moment they arrived back at the parking lot and got into the mother's gold Maxima. As they took the exit for the space highway towards home, the girl stared out the window. She saw the other cars in front and the long road ahead, thinking "It won't be so bad now". She knew that she had finally reached her home planet and wasn't an alien anymore.


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