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Tips for New Parents About Taking Care of Newborn - Changing Diapers

Updated on August 29, 2012

Newborn - changing of diapers tips

How to Master the Art of Changing Diapers : All About Diapers

Basic Issues regarding children's diapers

There is nothing compared to the joy that children give to their parents when they are born. Parenting is a full time task and part of it is taking care of our children properly. It is a challenging and considered a never ending full time job. We always want the best care for our children. Aside from the basic needs we provide for them like nourishment, clothing shelter, etc., they also need diaper the moment they see the light or they were born. Whether you decide you are going to use cloth or commercial diapers, you still have to deal with the issue about it. Mostly parents would have a sigh of relief when their children are no longer in diapers and are ready for potty training, in the meantime they have to deal with it.

The topic of this article is about changing diapers for children i.e., how to do it efficiently and how many times do you need to change it. We don’t want the baby bottom to be sore and also we want to save on diapers. We would like to make sure we use the right number of diapers, when and how to use it.

Here are some of the basic issues and guidelines about changing diapers

  • First I would like to emphasize that as care provider of our children we are the ones who know them well, and this will help us a lot. Babies are not all the same, some learn faster while others do not. With babies who are just newly born (for the first three days), they are taken care of at the hospital so we don’ t have a problem yet at this point, but, by the time we leave the hospital and we are alone and at home already, that’ s when we start to do it on our own. This is a challenging task as well for the first time parents. Diapers nowadays are very easy to put in place and as time goes by we become expert on it even when we close your eyes.
  • The baby’s diaper change pattern and frequency of changing the diapers follow their developmental growth. As babies grow older, they normalize their peeing and BM pattern, at some point it becomes regular and less frequent. A newly born infant needs diaper change as frequent but you need to make sure you are not overdoing it, you are the one who can sense whether they BM or peed again or not, usually they cry or gets antsy when they do these. The peeing and BM frequency is also dependent on whether you are using formula milk or you are breastfeeding. Breastfed babies usually have softer BM and they pee frequently.
  • Discipline is very important in diaper change, for toddlers, you don’t bargain about it, you tell them in a straightforward way that they need diaper change. For smaller babies, they can get use to the routine of it. They become uneasy when you don’t change them and they need one. Usually also they cry and become uneasy when its time for you to change them. Don’t change them every time they pee. The point is to change it only when it is needed. This saves time and money too.
  • It is recommended to use cotton balls when they are newly born until one month old, after that, used wipes, and after six months use water and mild little soap only every time they have a BM. For pee alone, the diaper can stay longer, most diapers now are absorbent so you don’t need to change frequently. The key here is you are the one who know your baby well and you are the one who will monitor diaper change as needed. Bear in mind that frequent changing and not changing the diaper may both cause discomfort to the baby because the baby’ s bottom are very sensitive, they can easily get sore. Baby boys and girls are also different, the latter should be wipe from front to back not the other way around.
  • Since it is a challenging task to change a baby’s diaper specially when they are toddler already (they learn to play and walk), hence they are more mobile, they also usually resist when you changed their diaper, you should try to give them a toy or change their position so that they can look at their surrounding to keep them busy. You can also make your own song about anything, maybe about diaper change and sing it to them while doing it. At my end, I always ask one of the sibling to talk to the baby while I am doing it and if they are not around I smile, talk and make funny faces.
  • It is very important that you have all the necessary things at hand when you do the task, When you put the baby in a diaper corner, you should have the diaper, wipes and cloth in place so you don’ t need to get it in different places. If the baby or toddler is little bit antsy and is resisting the change, you can put him/her in the bed for his/her safety.
  • One important thing is that we need to make sure our hands should be clean when we do diaper changes as we might have clean the bathroom prior to changing them.

Bearing all of these in mind, we can now rest assured that while changing the diapers we can surely smile and anticipate the next moment when we do it again.


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    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 8 years ago from US

      thanks for reading this hub Truth, oh yes they are difficult to change as they are mobile in that stage as well

      thanks Truth, and enjoy your baby while they are still young, sometimes they can be very mobile, but at least they give you smile, thanks, Maita

    • Truth From Truth profile image

      Truth From Truth 8 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks Maita, I have a little one that is difficult to change now that he can walk or run around. He does not like to stay still for very long. thanks for the advice.