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America belongs to its people

Updated on March 9, 2010
Me and Paula are the people
Me and Paula are the people

  I have wondered for days how I could write something that would appeal to the masses and make a difference in my life.

These United States are Hugh and the people are as diverse as grains of sand. I look at what most people need and want in life, but what I see from a cops point of view is all about money.

Family values have seemed to chance since I was a kid, As a poor kid who lived in the projects we didn't even have a car. I never knew it though until I started school. Those of us who carried a bag lunch and could not afford milk were different if only in our eyes. We dressed a little more clumsily and spoke a little more southern. I learned by having a skill that the teachers would let you get out of home work. I could draw pretty good then I did all the holiday murals on the black boards in grammar school. Things changed for me in Jr high though, I found myself not prepared to study, I had no foundation on what the hell was going on. I was just shuffled from one class to another until I finally quit school and hit the streets.

Spending a few months in the reform school worked its magic on me. I just assumed that all kids did this or at leased the ones who didn't have a male figure around the house. The structure of the reform school and the fact that I was on probation for a year changed me for the better. My probation officer Jack Morton helped me find a job at a gas station on Davis Island in Tampa, Fa and a car. Life was starting to get easier for me because I had people expecting something from me to justify a pay check.

As the years went by and I was in and out of the Army and still in trouble only because I couldn't keep my mouth shut about things that I didn't think were right. This was a curse I learned not being much afraid of people. I worked a wide variety of jobs until I was about twenty years old and this secured my future in life. Bam, I was a cop in Hillsborough Co and though I was on top of the world.

As the years went by and I endured several injuries from the job I finely retired from law enforcement to seek a management position at a local truck stop in Tampa,Fa. With over a hundred people or so working for me I had to be diverse again but in a different manor, Skills were important for me when I was looking for people to do special tasks in the work place. I made a manager out of the kid who swept the floors and cleaned the toilets. I hired three more people and made him the boss. With a little training in the people skills area he did fine.

What I learned from my days at the Truck Stop was that people would rise to the task if you expected them to. Much like the world I live in now some twenty years later and still a cop but in a different state . I sometimes feel like I have thrown back forty years in a way that makes me feel like when I was a kid in the projects. Everyone was acting like my dad telling me what to do even if they didn't have a clue about me or what I know.

I have come to learn that people in power in small towns don't like to share their knowledge. As a rule I have found people are more trusting and don't as hard as they should when it comes to the governing fathers of the small towns. It's going to take people who normally don't get involved with the local policies to help fix some of the problems that are in front of all of us.

Every thing starts at home and with your parents teaching you or letting you learn on the streets. Getting involved in local politics should be an honor for everyone, however the politicians like to make you feel like you have no say in whats going on and you should just leave it to them. Boy have we made a big mistake and letting those people get so powerful that now we have no say at all. If you don't believe me just object to anything and see how fast you get shut down in front of everyone else. Watch local laws get passed in front of your vary eyes and they don't care what you think. People you have been silent far to long and the wolfs have taken over your towns and lives. Are you going to let these people decided your every movement , just watch your taxes go up again and again until they build a marble hall to themselves.

We as a people can be very persuasive when we all speek to the masses and demand an accountability for actions taken by our politicians the key word being our politicians you voted for them, you put them in office so you can fire them or dam well replace them again and again until we find people care about us and our community.

Honesty must be expected from everyone in office and demand no less from those that make the laws to those who brake them. Life should be fun even when the lights seem to be going dim and you have no cure for the problems of the word, remember this is all by design to keep you away from the decision making process all that politicians need or want from you is tax money so shout up, suck it up and be little people and do what your told or else.

Well that got ugly,but that's just the way I see things here in my little town or New Jersey and all over this great Country so if you have any balls at all speak out with me write something let everyone know how you feel otherwise we will never take back out Country


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