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An Open Letter to My Son that Isn't Mine

Updated on April 10, 2016

Your Smile Could Lighten the Dimmest of Days

You Will Always be my First Child

Little one,

I didn't carry you for 9 months, I didn't give birth to you, but I love you as if I did. As you grow, it's going to be a constant guessing game on my end. I know I will never replace your mother- I wouldn't want to. But I only hope as you continue to grow, you see me as another mother in your life. The nights I stood holding you, rocking back and fourth until you were calm enough to sleep, the days spent with you just hanging out, taking you to do fun things.. those are some of my favorite memories. Being a mom is something I've always wanted to do, and you being here, the little blessing you are, gave me the opportunity to do so. You will always be my first child. I promise to never stop telling you that I love you, and I promise to always see you as my child. Being a step parent is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication, patience, the ability to learn quickly, and a lot of strength and understanding. You have enabled me so well to be a better person. You, even being so young, have taught me so much. I've learned that love truly is unconditional. I've learned that sometimes, bring grumpy is okay. Above all, I've learned to be a mother. When it comes to your daddy, I am forever grateful. If I hadn't have met him, I would be without you. When it comes to your mommy, I am also forever grateful. Though things might be rocky at times, she has let me in and let me love you. She has shared me with you. And she has trusted me with you. You, child, are the biggest blessing in my life. Your smile will always light up a room for me. Your laugh will always bring me joy. I never thought I would get to be a mother. You showed me otherwise. I love you.


Your Mommy #2


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