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Angel Of My Life.

Updated on May 7, 2012

Welcome angel.

Little Angel.
Little Angel. | Source

Our Child, Our Angel:)

It was Tuesday afternoon,

Our son came suddenly,

Without much hassle

Quickly and neatly born.

I held him against me,

He did not cry much, but was carefully

Observing a bright and shiny world.

That day I felt, I held a masterpiece,

Lord’s Beautiful ever creation.

A tiny, perfect child,

Round, small sucking mouth

And his starfish soft hand.

I walked almost all night,

The night our son was born.

I found, childbirth has taken its toll.

Sleeping on my arms, changing to shoulder,

I walked endless rounds of the house,

It was like watching meteors entire night.

And dreamed about when he’ll sleep sound in a bed.

This restless child, made his way out four weeks early,

My little angel, who played football

Inside the cosy womb.

Sometimes I wish

You were small again,

So I could carry you around

All night long.

Watching you growing is like a movie reel,

This is filled with all emotions and love, care

which i feel.

************* ************* ************** ***************** **************


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    • Sharda Sriram profile image

      SHARDA 5 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

      Thanks ALUR for stopping by. I'm sure u r enjoying your reel of film:)

    • ALUR profile image

      ALUR 5 years ago from USA

      Adoration that is perfectly captured in your words. As a mother of three, I know well how it is the reel of film displays as our children grow! Bravo.

      You're welcome to visit my versatile hubs as well:)