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Appreciating the little things in Life

Updated on May 25, 2017
palmerlarryray profile image

A father, freelance writer and one hell of a cook, Larry Ray Palmer currently resides in a small North East Missouri farm community.

A Few Of My Very Special Gifts

I'm going to share a secret with you all... Life isn't always fair. While that statement is true, there are many little things that the constant assault of unfairness can make us forget. I want to take a moment to be thankful for the little gifts that I have been given.

I have a lovely wife and three beautiful children at home. My youngest turned 4 years old yesterday. Which brings me to another gift in my life that I am thankful for, even though I might have overlooked it yesterday.

Today is a day for two celebrations. Today is my mom and dads wedding anniversary but it is also the day that someone very special was born 15 years ago. For 15 years, I have thought of this little girl as my daughter even though her mother and I broke up when she was barely 6 months old.

A couple weeks ago, we were reunited through Facebook and we had both been chatting regularly. I wanted to know about her and I think she was equally curious about me. I even let her pick out a birthday present on Amazon and had it sent to her for her birthday.

Unfortunately, this is where the unfairness of life kicks in. Her mother got the package in the mail Friday and was irate that she had been talking to me. She sent me a very rude email which stated that I was not allowed to talk to the little girl that I had given a name.

I appreciate the time I had to talk with my little girl and I hope she will remember to look me up when she gets free from the situation she is in. Her mother might be able to keep me from talking to her but she cannot stop me from writing here, so Caley, if you are reading this, Happy Birthday. Please don't forget me.

This bit of unfairness has again reminded me of something else about life. Anything and anyone can be taken away in an instant. Appreciate the moments and the gifts you are given. Sometimes, it is easy to get overwhelmed when the kids are squalling, the dog is barking and dinner is burning but take a moment to realize how much you would miss these things if they weren't there.

So, I'm making a new challenge to myself and any who wish to join me... I am going to appreciate those little things. I'm going to appreciate my kids even when they scream and fight and try to make me mad. I'm going to appreciate my wife even when she does something that gets on my nerves. I'm going to appreciate the time I had with Caley even if it wasn't very long.

Now that I think about it, this isn't about appreciating the small things in life... our families and loved ones shouldn't be the small things... they are the biggest things in our lives. I guess it's really about appreciating those big things and letting the little bits of unfairness roll off our backs.

What about you? What do you appreciate? What areas of your life have you allowed to become small things? Are you ready to fix it?


The little girl that prompted this piece isn't so little anymore. Shes now 22 and has a family of her own. She talks to me frequently on Facebook messenger and we have some of the best conversations. She told me I should come see her sometime so I'm looking forward to seeing her when I travel to Illinois this summer.


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    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      Your daughter will be back when she realises that you must be a part of her life and hopefully your ex wife will soften her attitude towards you. good luck in the meantime. Cheers

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      I know what you mean, palmerlarryray!!! Someone stopped by my hub about my Dad the other day and reminded me how loved I was at a very good time. Thank you for the reminder, too!

    • palmerlarryray profile image

      Larry Ray Palmer 7 years ago from Macon, Missouri

      Hey Brightforyou and Storytellersrus,

      I'm glad to see you found and enjoyed this hub. It's kind of weird for me sometimes because I get to the point where I am getting a little overwhelmed with life and then someone comes along and leaves a comment on this one and I have to reread it and it reminds me of the lesson at just the right time. Thanks for the reminders.

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      I appreciate you! I agree with you that the things you describe here are the most important in life. How insightful of you to work this through as you wrote. Thanks for friending me.

    • brightforyou profile image

      Helen 7 years ago from Florida

      Now this is why I love hubpages. An honest, moving hub we can all identify with. Its so courageous and giving of you to share like this and we are the richer for your contribution. Thank you.

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 8 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Docta Palmer!

      Hey great Rx!! How many refills! It snowed in Yucaipa this morning!!! Snow can also bring about healing!!

      I will check out the movie.

    • palmerlarryray profile image

      Larry Ray Palmer 8 years ago from Macon, Missouri

      Thank you both for the wonderful comments.

      Maitia - You have always got such a wonderful outlook on life, I always enjoy reading your hubs. I hope you enjoyed your celebration of Poe's birthday the other day.

      Vern - There are good things about arguing with the wife you know.... You wrote a whole book about making up didn't you? I would quit putting the challenge in there but it's my hero complex. I think I'm a Knight in shining armor or something because I'm always saving the damsel in distress and issuing these difficult of fits in with me being an old man in a middle aged mans body except I have been this way for as long as I can remember ( let's see, that's sometime last week) Rx...There's a movie with Sharon Stone and one of the MacCaulkin boys that I think you would love, it's called "The Mighty" based on a book called "Freak the Mighty". You really should check it out. Go by the video store, pick up the movie, some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch with your sweetie and call a truce. You'll both laugh and cry through the movie and everything will look different on the other side. That's your prescription from Dr.Palmer.... I even wrote it

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 8 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Damn! Cant you just write a good hub and leave off the challenge part? I'm mad as can be. My English prof said only dogs get mad!! So I guess I'm a dog and mad as can be at some of the "small things" in my life to the point of dismay, shock, and utter disbelief. Of course, they are not small things, but special people in my life. It's been a harrowing two hours trying to recover from a nasty argument, and I get on line and I have two emails containing those prayers you are supposed to forward to five people and the prayers suggest that God is watching over me and taking care of me and there to comfort me, and then I read this hub. I can't even get my jollys off by being mad and hurt and thinking of ways to get even! Damn! Okay, deep breath. Forget fairness. Deep breath! Pack up the computer and go home to my "small thing," and get some healing going. Good Hub, you freelance soul searching, hubber, make me step backer, wise young whipper snapper, you!

    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 8 years ago from US

      wonderful, thanks so much for sharing Palmer, and for reminding us for the value and what we appreciate, Maita