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At Last I'm Here

Updated on November 24, 2009


Well, hello world, at last I'm here.

The wait seemed oh so long.

I'm tiny, just a few hours old,

But will soon grow tall and strong.

Is that you Mom? I can't quit see.

My sights not very clear.

But listen, I know without a doubt

That's the voice I use to hear.

Doc. Jones says my lungs are good.

My Apgar's normal too.

Gee that's great. Can we go home Mom?

I've got so much to do.

I've got to learn my ABC's

I've got to learn to skate.

But I have to learn about ME first.

That other stufff can wait!

Is this all there really is?

Just eat and sleep and cry?

I know there's more for me to do.

I really have to try.

Still can't control my hands and feet,

They just wave everywhere.

But now I'm bigger, I can raise my head

So you can pat my hair.

Mom tells me just how big I am

As she gets me dressed.

Look at my muscles ... See, they've grown

Cause I like the floor the best.

Hey, Look it! Look it Mom!

Push ups one - two - three!

Woops, too hard! But would you look at that!

Now it's the celing that I see!

If I keep this constant motion

And practice every day,

I'll soon be sitting, crawling,

And standing too, they say.

They say that I'll be walking soon

And that someday I'l run,

But please don't push me, I can wait

Cause I'm not even one.

No, I'm not one, still pretty small,

But bright as I can be.

I'll learn to talk real plain and clear

If you don't goo at me.

If I say "Goo", well, that's ok

Then you can say, "Goo" too

But I need real words. No one flips a switch

So I talk when I turn two.

Bright colors, toys and real things

To drop and roll and hold.

Read to me now when I am young

So I love books when I'm old.

I try hard to communicate,

And I do real good.

When my crying turns to laughter,

I know Mom understood.

Sometimes she dosen't understand.

I get mad and scream and cry!

She smiles, says I NEED some stress.

Is that a way to treat a guy?

I never gave much thought to it.

Just Mom and me and Dad.

Mom started back to work.

It was the worst day I ever had!

A strangers face and all the noise

And all the lights aglare.

Mom blew a kiss and waved god-bye

And then just left me there.

I'm not sure that I like you.

Don't take that personally.

It's just that me and Mom's a team.

I always thought we'd be.

My screaming soon turned into sobs.

The lady said, "There, there."

She held me close and rubbed my back.

Maybe she dose care.

The other kids all came around

To see what's all the fuss.

A great big kid, 'bout 2 or 3

Handed me a yellow bus.

"Ok" I thought. "I'll play along.

But only for a minute."

The lady showed me a room of toys,

Then she put me in it.

The day, I guess, wasn't all that bad,

It went by pretty fast.

I cried for Mom a time or two

And then she came at last.

I was hapy when I saw her

And I tried to tell her so,

But instead of smiles and laughter,

The tears began to flow.

"It's ok my little darling."

She said to ease my sorrow.

What??? What did she say???

I"m NOT coming back tomorrow!

OK, Mom. I guess you win.

This time it's up to you.

Enjoy it now .... One more year to go

Cause it's MY turn when I'm TWO!

Copyright © 2009


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    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 7 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      How sweet. The years do fly by - cherish them.

    • mistywild profile image

      mistywild 8 years ago from Houston, TX (Proud Texan)

      very nicely written, wonderful read. thanks for sharing.

    • Beth100 profile image

      Beth100 8 years ago from Canada

      Awwwww, so well written from baby's point of view! We should look at life from their perspective.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Hahaha! can totally relate to this. Have a four year old begging for my laptop next to me. Seems like just yesterday he was this same baby!

    • kysnoopyq42 profile image

      kysnoopyq42 8 years ago from no where