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Updated on September 26, 2011


Penny bubble gum..Bazooka -- Dubble-Bubble-- My brother, my cousin and I all loved this bubble gum and it would be totally tasteless before we’d get rid of it.

We were supposed to get rid of it before bed, and before bedtime we took baths. I’d have mine then sit on the toilet by the tub while they bathed, watching them in case they started to drown or something.

One night both of them still had their bubble gum in their mouths. They’d dip it in the water to make it softer, then string it waaaaaay out in front of them from their mouths. They decided to make a big lump on one end, swallow it and pull it back up.

Much giggling and splashing. Water was all over the bathroom by now, as usual. Good thing it was linoleum, and not those separate pieces that had to be glued down, either, just good ole roll linoleum that maybe came up a tiny bit at the edges, but the middle stayed solid til your feet wore a hole in it.

Finally, the bubble gum was so soft and sticky it wouldn’t pull back up any more, so they decided to paste it on their faces -- their noses, their ears and then, their eyes. Well, George pasted his on his eye so hard it wouldn’t come off!

“MAMA! MAMA!” he hollered, and we all joined in. “Help, George can’t see!” Needless to say both mothers rushed in and lots of yelling ensued. “Oh my goodness, what have you done. Geraldine you were supposed to be watching them.” I stood back as mom and Aunty Hilda pulled the plug-- oops,that reminds me of a song -- and grabbed the boys, dripping and screaming, from the tub.

Aunty Hilda put an ice cube on George’s eye and eventually got most of the gum off -- along with most of his eyelashes. He looked really funny until they grew back a few weeks later.

Anna Mae, where are you going?
“Upstairs to take a bath.”
Anna Mae, with legs like toothpicks
And a neck like a giraffe.
Anna Mae stepped in the bathtub
Anna Mae pulled out the plug
Oh my goodness, oh my soul
There goes Anna Mae down that hole!
Anna Mae! Anna Mae! GLUG GLUG.


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