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Babies Stare at Ceiling Fans

Updated on August 3, 2009
Ella's ugly but entertaining ceiling fan.
Ella's ugly but entertaining ceiling fan.

 If no one has told you yet, your new little bundle of joy is bound to form a quick affinity for your ceiling fan. I think my lucky stars each day that my husband never got around to buying a white ceiling fan for our Ella's nursery. Instead we made do with the ugly brown one. I was upset because  I had a beautiful new green and pink nursery with an ugly brown outdated fan right in the middle of the freshly painted ceiling.

Because the fan is brown against a white ceiling, it provides contrast which babies love. Babies like looking at the outlines of objects during their first couple of months on this earth. Our ugly brown fan has provided hours of entertainment thus far for my 10 week old. My husband and I lie down beside her on her colorful pink and green checked rug and we all three stare up at the fan. I have to say it is pretty relaxing.

All babies are different. My Ella wanted the fan to turn slower than the motor allowed and I was really tired of consantly standing up again to give the fan a slight push. She would cry whenever the fan would stop moving and I'd stand up again to push it once more. Finally I discovered that holding my husband's golf club I could give the fan a slight push from a sitting position. I am 5'6 and we have 8' ceilings. I suppose if you are shorter or have taller ceilings you could tape on another golf club to make an extra long stick.

At ten weeks and out of necessity, I placed my daughter on a soft palate in the office under a white ceiling fan. Using a clothespin I clipped on a bright colored bow to one of the blades. I then turned the fan on low. She stared intently and then fell asleep. How wonderful! I have found a new trick for lulling her to sleep while I work from my computer right beside her.

I was thinking of making some ceiling fan blade covers out of bright fabric to provide more contrast and to pretty up her room, when I discovered I better not since a company called FANtastic already has a patent on them. They sell their product thorugh eBay.


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    • profile image

      Audra 6 years ago

      I love your article! I just had to look up why babies love ceiling fans because I've recently found drawings of what looks like asterisks that I had drawn when I was young. I wondered why I drew them so often, and I found my answer in my baby book. My mother had written that I loved my mobile and the ceiling fan out of all my toys. Go figure!