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Baby Essential - Baby Bibs

Updated on July 12, 2010

Baby bibs are one of the most essential items you will need for your baby. Babies are messy when feeding if they’re either drinking milk from a bottle or a breast or eating pureed or solid food. You’ll need to use a baby bib to protect your baby’s clothing from becoming soiled so you need to change it and you’ll probably get through several every day so you’ll need lots.

There are various types of bibs for baby which are suitable for different ages and situations. Plastic baby bibs are great for stopping liquids from soaking through to the clothing underneath but they are not suitable for newborns and cannot be used to wipe your baby’s face like a cotton bib can.

When it comes to design, you can really go wild when choosing your baby bibs as they come in so many fun designs and colors. As you’ll need a lot, there’s no need to feel guilty about buying lots of cute bibs and they’re of course much cheaper than buying outfits and other clothing. You can buy designs ranging from seasonal Christmas and Easter themes to days of the week to adorable cartoon characters.

photo by lenic on flickr
photo by lenic on flickr

Simple and Personalized Baby Bibs

White baby bibs are obviously the simplest kind you can buy and are great as a unisex option for newborns. Some parents prefer to dress their babies in simple solid colors rather than loading on the cutesy so this is a good basic option to fall back on. One great design of white bib are the Baby Bjorn bibs which fit into the Baby Bjorn carriers to prevent them from drool and sick. These come highly recommended from the parents who’ve tried them out!

Personalized baby bibs make a great gift for a baby shower – you can have bibs embroidered with the baby’s name and date of birth if you wish. Custom baby bibs can be made in any style you choose so you can pick your color of bib and then have whatever design you like printed or embroidered onto the bib. There are many websites that provide this service and it makes a great gift or a fun thing to make for your own baby.

Plastic Baby Bibs

For toddlers and babies just starting to eat solid foods, a plastic baby bib is a great idea. These come molded with a bowl shape at the bottom to catch larger spills and pieces of food which makes cleaning up much easier. The Baby Bjorn Soft Bibs are another popular bib in this style.

Fabric bibs come in any design imaginable. Funny baby bibs are very popular with slogans like “Diva in training” and “My daddy rocks” and of course you can buy the usual gender specific baby boy bibs and baby girl bibs. Like clothing, there are also designer baby bibs available made from luxury fabrics like leather and corduroy in funky patterns and designs. Buying a really unique baby bib from a popular designer is a good low cost alternative to buying designer baby clothing.

If you’re looking for large baby bibs you might want to consider the long sleeved style which covers the baby’s whole front and arms – great for babies learning to feed themselves  as they can be worn on top of clothing without you needing to change them and hose them down afterwards!

Baby bibs are available from any shop selling baby items, including many retailers online and from individual sellers on sites like Ebay. If you’re looking to save some money you could consider buying wholesale baby bibs which will probably give you quite a large saving on buying them individually. This is also a great option for anyone wanting to offer a personalized baby bib service.


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