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Baby Carriers : Buy A Mei Tai Baby Carrier Online

Updated on December 9, 2012

Baby Carriers : Buy A Mei Tai Baby Carrier Online

Baby carriers are useful baby product specially when you move with children, you do other stuff and you don't want to lose your sight out of your children. Baby carriers can be baby backpack carriers, on your hips, like a pouch (kangaroo style), sling carrier and right or front carriers. Usually they are differentiated by the materials used and how you tie the know and some other mechanisms like support for the head of the baby. It has been used by many parent century hence, plus you can buy baby Mei Tai Baby Carrier online.

How about Mei Tai baby carriers? Mei tai baby carriers are example of Asian style baby carriers and are available as sling, freehand Mei tai baby carrier, and you can place it at your back and front. You can buy online Mei tai baby carriers and it is worth your money. You can have a lot of designs to choose from when you choose and scan different choices of Mei tai baby carriers.

Mei tai Baby carriers are for children : infants and toddlers and come in different design. You will love this baby carrier because it is parent and "back" friendly.

The Mei tai freehand and Babyhawk Mei tai's are the more popular variations of Mei tai baby carrier.

Baby Mei tai baby carriers are Asian inspired type of baby carriers

All over the world, people and different cultures have different ways of carrying babies and they use different styles of baby carriers. The baby Mei tai backpack carrier also became popular because in essence the babies are like a backpack which we are more used to. It is also good that we can now buy online baby carriers and of course baby Mei tai baby carriers are good investments for your baby. Baby Mei tai baby carriers are Asian inspired baby carriers popularly used in China but spread to other cultures. The Baby Mei Tai has many variations, but you can see that in general it is good for both the baby carrier and the baby. You can buy Mei tai baby carrier online too.

I saw a baby carrier Asian style in Bangkok, Thailand several years ago, although I have seen many wear sling baby carrier before, the woman was carrying a piece of cloth long enough which we call sarong made into baby carrier. She tied it artistically and tight enough and I was wondering if I could do it too. Other times, I also saw women working in agricultural areas with their babies at their back while they work in the fields and they also used "batik" -- a similar type of clothing like sarong converted into baby carrier. I was amazed by how can parents carry babies at their back. I am just like wondering I can never do it because I am skinny and I am imagining the stress it will put on your back and for your posture so I was kind of adamant at first. Now, I know that baby carriers are helpful when you are transporting a baby and Baby Mei tai baby carrier is a nice 'experience for me", reliable baby carrier.

 Babywearing makes baby carrying experience nice too, that is where the Mei tai baby carrier experience made me appreciate baby carrying into babywearing process. It feels good in the back by the way. There are also version of baby carriers in Africa and some other countries.

Babyhawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier -- Black in color

much modern baby carrier -- image courtesy of amazon
much modern baby carrier -- image courtesy of amazon

Culture of carrying baby -- Women in some culture carry their baby in sling

photo is from bankster7430 photobucket
photo is from bankster7430 photobucket

Mei Tai Baby Carrier - Freehand and Babyhawk Mei tai's

Why Choose Mei Tai Baby Carrier : Advantages of Having a Mei Tai Baby Carrier

There are hundreds variations of Mei tai baby carriers which are marketed nowadays. The popularity of Mei tai baby carriers are due to the following characteristics:

  1. Mei Tai baby carrier are good soft baby carrier and gives comfort for both the mother and the baby.
  2. They are snuggly
  3. Mei tai baby carriers straps are longer and the tying method is nice -- "wrap style"
  4. They are fashionable (to women this counts)
  5. It is good from birth until the babies are heavy enough for the parent to carry
  6. Mei tai baby carriers are popular because it is easy on the back, gives you some ease and comfort while carrying your baby,
  7. It has options of putting the baby at the back and at the front, Mei tai baby carriers can be put at your back and in front of the carrier
  8. Mei tai baby carriers have different designs -- some are embroidered and have colored straps. There are Free hand Baby Mei tai and Freehawk baby Mei tai carrier.
  9. Baby Mei tai baby carrier have taller body
  10. You can easily tuck it away in diaper bags, foldable
  11. Plus you can buy Mei Tai baby carrier online and many varieties to choose from
  12. It is hands free better than sling or pouch, you can multi-task with this baby carrier
  13. Generally, Mei Tai is cheaper than the more famous brands of baby carriers


Baby carriers are used in different cultures and there are variations which includes the kind of material the baby carrier is made of with various styles and decorations. As parents we want our baby to be safe always and baby carriers is a good way of transporting the baby anywhere you go. Mei tai baby carriers are Asian inspired baby carriers. It is a nice baby carrier and baby backpack carrier, front and back, you name it. Mei tai baby carrier is even stylish and it gives comfort to both the mother and the baby because it is easy on your back. It gives you the option to put the baby in your back and at the frontside and hipside. You can buy Mei tai baby carrier online and there are lots of variations to choose from different designs, plus it is cheaper.


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