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Baby Feeding Bottles - What To Look For When Buying Them

Updated on September 14, 2011

A new mother needs time early on to decide whether she will breastfeed her new baby or whether she will bottle feed them. For many it is a personal choice they can make for themselves or on behalf of their imminent arrival. However, for a number of parents the choice is unfortunately made for them, for one reason or another.

If bottle feeding is how they proceed then there are some important factors surrounding which baby bottles they choose from the vast selection available in today's market. For example, have you ever heard of BPA? It is a chemical that causes harmful effects in animals and potentially to humans.

Baby feeding bottles are made from different materials; glass or plastic. Which is best? Which is safer? There are bottles that are designed to reduce colic in bottle fed babies but do they actually work? Read on to find out more...

'BPA Free' Is A Good Choice

BPA is a chemical compound that is found in many plastics. Often these plastics are used in the food industry and until recently to make baby feeding bottles. Bisphenol A has been proven to cause harmful effects in animals, when tested in studies.

Although the chemical is harmful to animals there has been no evidence so far that it does the same to humans. The concern was raised years ago that when baby bottles are heated small amounts of BPA could be caused to leech from within the plastic into the bottle contents. With such a risk many retailers withdrew from sale baby products containing BPA.

Most baby bottles in production these days are BPA free but when you are looking to buy them, look for the 'BPA free' logo on the packaging for reassurance.

Baby Bottles That Reduce Colic

Not all babies are made equal. Some are better at adapting to the outside world than others. For those who need a bit of extra support there are products available to help. Where bottle feeding is concerned there are a number of baby bottles produced that can reduce or prevent colic.

Colic is a symptom that is experienced by a baby when air is ingested with the milk from the bottle. It produces extra gas inside them that they can struggle to bring up. They become uncomfortable and unsettled; having a knock on affect on their parents who sometimes struggle to settle them.

A popular anti-colic design is produced by the Dr Brown's brand. These bottles have the unique Natural Flow system; a funnel inside the bottle which allows any air leaking back through the teat to channel back above the level of the milk, preventing it from being sucked back out by baby.

Do they work? The answer is yes and no. I have used them on both our babies and we saw a big difference compared to other bottles. However, like I said before, not all babies are the same and what works for one may not work for others. Try them out and see for yourself.

Plastic Or Glass - Does It Matter?

It doesn't really matter which material your baby bottles are made from; it simply comes don to your own preference. The most important aspect of this is the teat and how your baby feeds. The bottle simply hold the milk or other liquid inside.

Something things worth considering:

  • glass can smash if dropped on a hard surface
  • when glass breaks it becomes a serious hazard
  • glass does not contain harmful chemicals
  • plastic does not smash or chip
  • some plastics can contain harmful chemicals
  • over time some plastics become discoloured


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