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Baby Gripe Water: Wellements Gripe Water for Babies Review

Updated on May 28, 2011
Do you have a colicky baby?  Try Wellements Gripe Water for colic.
Do you have a colicky baby? Try Wellements Gripe Water for colic.

The Cure for Baby Colic: Wellements Gripe Water

Why does my baby keep crying? What's wrong with my baby? How do I make my baby stop crying?

When your baby has colic, it seems like nothing can make him or her stop crying. Rocking doesn't make your baby stop crying. Singing doesn't make your baby stop crying. Car rides don't make your baby stop crying. Baby still cries in the swing, bouncy seat, and vibrating chair.

So how can you help your colicky baby be happy and stop crying? Wellements Gripe Water is a natural, effective treatment for colic.

What is colic?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines colic as crying that lasts more than 3 hours per day and is not caused by a known medical problem. About 20% of babies experience colic, generally starting around 3 weeks of age and peaking by 6 months. Thank goodness, right?

Colic can occur any time of the day, morning or night- but is most common during the evening. Colicky babies are often extremely sensitive towards stimulation and the moods of others. Bright lights, loud noises, gas pains, hunger, and overeating can all contribute to colic. Babies with colic also pick up on feelings of depression or anxiety in their parent(s), and will cry for hours.

Quick personal story: my boyfriend went on a cruise without us when my son was 4 weeks old, and I was so stressed out and depressed. I tried to put up a front and continue taking care of my kids with a smile on my face. My son screamed hysterically all day, for 8 days in a row. It's amazing how they react to our moods.

How Do I Know if My Baby Has Colic?

Trust me, you'll know. There's a big difference between a colicky baby and a fussy baby.

Here are a few symptoms that you may notice in a baby with colic:

- Crying spells that last for more than 3 hours per day

- Crying even after basic needs or things that normally make him happy (food, diaper change, cuddling with mom) have been addressed

- Clenched fist

- Legs in the air

- Tight stomach

How Do I Use Wellements Gripe Water?

Wellements Gripe Water is safe and easy to use.

- Shake the bottle gently before using.

- Use the dropper to administer the proper amount of Gripe Water into your baby's mouth, cup, or bottle. Dosage amounts are found in the next section.

- Administer Wellements Gripe Water no more than once every 6 hours.

- Refrigerate after opening.

Dosage Amounts

Babies 0 to 1 month: 1/2 tsp

Babies 1 to 6 months: 1 tsp

Children 6 months and older: 2 tsp

Adults: 2 tbsp

What Are the Ingredients in Wellements Gripe Water?

If you prefer to use safe, all-natural products on your baby, you'll be pleased to know that Wellements Gripe Water contains no alcohol, sucrose, artificial colors or flavors.  All of the herbs are certified organic.

Here's the ingredients list for Wellements Gripe Water:

agave fructose, chamomile (flower), ginger extract (root), fennel extract (seed), vegetable glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, purified water

Okay, it Sounds Good...But Does it Work?


I heard about Wellements Gripe Water from a friend, and I was a bit skeptical. I'm a big fan of herbal remedies, but I just wasn't sure what to expect.

It doesn't work instantly, so don't think that your child will transform from a screaming infant to a calm, happy baby within minutes. He won't.

Each time I used the Gripe Water, it took about 20 minutes for my son to calm down. Keep in mind that colic can last for hours, so a 20 minute wait is definitely worth it.

Do Babies Like Wellements Gripe Water?

Eh. I guess.

My son couldn't figure out what to do with it. He let it drip out of his mouth the first few times, but that's when he was only about 2 months old.

I think he just wasn't used to the taste. Babies can be picky.

How Long Does a Bottle of Wellements Gripe Water Last?

Forever, I guess.

Okay, not really...but I never had to buy a new bottle. I used it frequently for about a month. The packaging recommends throwing it out after 6 weeks, though, so keep that in mind.

Should I Buy Wellements Gripe Water for My Baby?


Unless you like listening to her scream from colic all day.  It's your choice.

Does Your Baby Have Colic?

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Look Who Doesn't Have Colic Anymore!

My son is so happy these days!
My son is so happy these days!


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    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

      Thank you, Susan. And lucky you- my son STILL won't sleep through the night! He did for about a week, but now he'll only sleep all night if we put him in bed with us.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      This hub sure brought back memories. My son had colic so bad and gripe water was a miracle for me. He would cry all day but I was lucky as he would sleep through the night.

      Great informative hub!