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Baby Items I wouldn't Have Missed

Updated on October 8, 2016

"You have to have one of these..."

That's what they said. Here are items I could probably get rid of and wouldn't even miss with the next baby.

1. One-piece outifts (romper-style) without snaps or zipper all the way down the legs. I had some that were like 3/4 snaps. Pain in the butt to get on. I think we wore them no more than twice. Just don't do it. Save it for a sweater-style once they're older.

2. Boppy. I had one...but it felt like another thing to hold. I felt like I was trying to hold two babys. I just don't understand. I would rather curl up with my baby in arm and snuggle...or use a plain old pillow like the kind you have on your bed.

3. Snack keeper cups. These do not work for us. We have two. The snacks don't stay in-they get dumped out. Or, before that, baby can't figure out how to free them. Most of the time, on the go, we put crackers right into the cup holder on his carseat. Or on his high chair tray. Honestly. I think they are sitting in the van right now empty.

4. Traditonal diaper bag. It's huge and you don't need everything in there. It's one more thing to lug around and it doesn't fit in a kohls shopping cart. Just don't be that person. Rather, get a decent-sized backpack. You will have both arms free to hold onto that sweet little baby.

5. Baby shoes. What? They are cute, but the baby is not walking any time soon and they are way more comfortable in just socks.

6. Any socks that are not Robeez. These are the only things that he could not pull off. They fit forever. Everything else was going to be a headache falling off in stores, etc.

7. Zillions of those dangle-toys. He liked the zebra. That was it. Not the moose, the monkeys, the crinkle books, etc. One larger one that they can see well. The other ones were hardly touched.

8. Cloud B owl white noise guy. Oh, he was so cute, but alas baby hated his four sounds/songs. In hindsight I would have chosen one that were sounds he already was familiar with such as womb sounds or heartbeat. It makes way more sense.

9. Nursing cover. I only spent four dollars on my Boppy cover from a very nice thrift store. Use a lightweight blanket instead if you need to use one. And not something sparkly, bright or otherwise attention-grabbing. You aren't a milk advertisement.

10. Stuffed animals. You will get so many of these! Really just choose one...preferably something washable that baby can attach to. Nothing that makes noise, as it will wake him up in the crib. I suggest anything Jellycat brand. They are super soft and very cute.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed.

Things You Could Do Without

(We loved our O-ball, Monkey swing (too much), and Ecoable reusable bag.


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