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Baby Pajamas: Zipper vs Snaps

Updated on January 19, 2015

Decisions, Decisions ...

Baby pajamas are wonderful things. So adorable with an unlimited array of designs and patterns. Fuzzy or cotton. Solids or prints. With little footed bottoms or booties separate. So many wonderful and cuddly choices! However, when it comes to fasteners, you only get two choices:

Zipper or Snaps?

Until you’ve had to change a wiggly baby who wants to eat right-the-heck-NOW, the choice between pajamas with snaps or pajamas with a zipper probably never crossed your mind.

Baby debates the pros and cons ...
Baby debates the pros and cons ... | Source

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Most assume that a quick zip is a no-brainer decision, but before you find yourself in the above situation, I suggest you take a few moments to learn the difference between these two styles of fasteners.

Below is a list of the Pros and Cons for each.

Zippers are not as baby-friendly as people assume!
Zippers are not as baby-friendly as people assume! | Source



  • Quick and easy to use;

  • Comes in various colours.


  • Generally made from plastic and are not sturdy;

  • The top stop ends are hard plastic and jab at baby’s throat;

  • Baby can injure mouth while chewing on the top stop;

  • Don’t allow the fabric to lay correctly and creates a bulge;

  • Are one piece from top to bottom, so only one leg opens, making it harder to get baby’s legs in and out;

  • Can catch baby’s skin or fingers.

Snaps are slower, but more baby-friendly!
Snaps are slower, but more baby-friendly! | Source



  • Run down both legs for easy access;

  • Generally made from metal and are sturdy;

  • Allows the fabric to lay flat so it stays out of the way;

  • Collar is easy on the throat.


  • Slower to do up and requires co-ordination;
  • Garment design may be complicated in the legs;
  • May lose “grab” with age.

Do you prefer zippers or snaps?

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Now that you know the difference and have an inclination of what you’d prefer, let your friends and family know. Otherwise you may end up with a drawer full of jammies you hate to use.

If you found this information useful, pass it on to all the soon-to-be-parents in your life and save them a headache or two as well.

© 2012 Rosa Marchisella


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