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Baby to Toddler Milestones

Updated on July 11, 2011
My son at 7 months.
My son at 7 months.
My son at 13 months.
My son at 13 months.
Around 3 months.
Around 3 months.

Baby Milestones

Parents are normally very excited to have their baby. It is truly amazing to see how fast they grow and learn. If you are the way I used to be, your probably wondering when your baby will start crawling, walking, or talking among other things. This is a general milestone chart. Please remember that every child is different, some will do things faster and some will do it later or completely skip it.

Milestone Chart

One Month- Your little will probably start staring at you or others as well as responding to sounds. They might be able to lift their head if they are on their tummies.

Two months- Your baby may start talking to you with their ooo's. My daughter started playing with her hands at this point and she was able to hold her head up better. See the video below to have a preview.

Three months- The baby will start following objects and probably holds their head steady.

Four months- My favorite age as this is when both my children started laughing and smiling. You could tickle them and they let out a big laugh. Your baby may start responding to you coo's. You may be able to start rice cereal.

Five months-This is where I currently am with my youngest. She has really noticed her voice and constantly plays with her hands and feet. She is rolling over front to back and is pushing up on her arms. She is also able to eat thicker rice cereal.

Six months- Your little one is probably starting to imitate sounds and could probably roll in both directions. If you haven't started solids, they should be able to eat them by now.

Seven Months- Your little one should be able to sit without support! This is one step closer to crawling. They probably are able to bring toys to them.

Eight months- The baby will probably surprise you by saying "mama" or "dada", although it may not be specific to the parent yet. Some babies may start crawling.

Nine months- They might start standing while holding onto something. This is a perfect time to lower your crib base if you have a crib like that. They are getting prepared to walk.

Ten months- This was another favorite of mine as my son learned to wave 'bye bye' and clap. He was able to start picking up table foods with his fingers. It was also fun because he really was able to crawl really well and fast.

Eleven months- They probably figured out which parent is 'mama' or 'dada'. They may surprise you by taking their hands off and standing for a few seconds unsupported. and cruise around the room while still holding onto things.

Twelve months- Be careful what you do as your baby (now a toddler) will start imitating what you do. They may start pointed to things that they want.

I will let you know when the next major milestones are when they are a toddler.

Bends over and picks things up are at 13 months.

Walking is normally accomplished around 14 months.

Temper tantrums may start around 16 months but my son started them at 14 months.

Toddlers can probably scribble well by 18 months



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