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Baby Monitors - Best Baby Video Monitor - Summer Infant Baby Monitors

Updated on January 31, 2015

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are very helpful device for parents to monitor their babies around the house. The baby monitors help parents attend to their other chores in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house without worrying what is their baby doing, plus it is fun watching what is your baby up to when they are alone. Stalking is easier with the baby monitors, (why not we love to stalk our children). You will even smile I am sure at their movements and activities.

Baby monitors are helpful when we don't co-sleep with our bay anymore and we want to monitor them. With baby monitors, you can see what your baby is up to and doing, whether they can sleep with minimal supervision, entangle in their crib or just sitting down.

This is a helpful monitoring device and you are rest assured that you know what your baby is dong even if you are not with them -- that is priceless.

Summer Infant Baby monitors offer various options for your choices of baby monitor and to my mind, and those who reviewed it plus my own experience it is the best baby video monitor yet.

What we are looking for in a "best baby video monitor"?

The best baby video monitor is the one in which you can see your baby in the monitor clearly, less sound disturbance and the interference to other devices is negligible. Plus, there are more options for more channel meaning it is more private, you don't want other neighbors to see the movements in your house.

Summer Infant Baby Monitor complete set with extra camera

The Summer Infant Baby Monitors

The Summer Infant Baby Monitor is the most useful baby monitoring device which is not expensive and you will surely love the choices and its features. Plus you can choose which options to buy according to your budget and choices of the combination of features like : handheld versus portable, color of the screen LCD or with added extra camera etc.

The Summer Infant Baby Monitors come in different variants and models and the main differences are :

  • according to size of the monitor whether it is handheld or screen monitor LCD
  • color of the monitor -- grey, colored, silver
  • the size of the monitor LCD screen (portable) 5", 7 "
  • handheld screen comes with monitor size 1.8" and 2.5"
  • and a complete set -- with extra camera, handheld and portable or with added extra audio unit
  • camera with automatic night vision
  • the battery can be recharged
  • with belt clips and stand which you can flip, you can put it in your kitchen stand or at your jeans while you walk

Why is the Summer Infant Baby Video Monitor the Best baby Monitor

The best baby monitor should be a monitor with video because sound is not just helpful when you monitor your baby, plus you want to be sure that you can see really what they are doing that's why innovation in baby monitors are all with videos now. A combination of sound and video is the best baby monitor. Plus of course wifi or wireless is the way to go these days. You want to choose a baby monitor with clear video, not so noisy, sleek, can be handheld and have minimal interference with otherĀ  devices at home.

There are various models of baby monitors available but the Summer Infant Baby Video Monitor makes a difference. The Summer Infant Baby Video monitor comes handy too. The product offers many different combination like the size of the monitor, color of the monitor and choices of whether you like a handheld or a portable one. The differences in prices are because of the combination of features. The complete set of Summer Infant Baby Video monitor however is with extra camera.


Issues with baby video monitors in general :

  • There are various issues with baby monitors in general, it can interfere at times with neighbor phones, meaning privacy issues, plus lights on the cameras and LCD monitors, interference with other gadgets in the house. The benefits of baby monitor far outweighs the negative issues. Technology is always finding solutions to these problems.


Baby monitors are very good devices for monitoring our baby within our homes. In choosing the best video baby monitor for our baby, we want a baby monitor which is useful, less annoying characteristics and one in which the monitors should be clear when you view your baby and not so noisy. With that alone the Summer Infant Monitor is a good investment. . The Summer Infant Baby video is recommended by many people who reviewed the product because you can choose different options or combination you want with your baby monitor. Wireless is the way to go these days and this baby monitor is good because it doesn't interfere with other devices on the house. That is why many people prefer the Summer Infant Baby Monitor. It is also considered the best baby video monitor by majority of those who reviewed baby monitor products.


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