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Baby Names Your Parents and Grandparents will Hate

Updated on September 21, 2017
Jody Allen profile image

Jody Allen is the Chief Content Editor at Stay at Home Mum, an Australian Parenting website for the normal Mum.

Do Your Parents Hate Your Baby Name?

Research was recently conducted in the United Kingdom over 2000 families and the findings were incredulous. One in five parents and Grandparents actively HATED the baby name chosen by their children.


So what names are the most despised? You would actually be surprised. Some baby names are pretty sedate considering what is felt about them.

Let's go through them now!

Girl's Names That Are Hated the Most:


Aurora is Roman goddess of the dawn whose tears turn into the morning dew. It became popular after the release of The Sleeping Beauty and has been popular since the nineteenth century. It is currently in the top ten of the most popular girl's names in 2017. So we will be seeing a lot more Aurora's in the playground!


This name really surprises me seeing we have a brand new Princess of the same name. Charlotte is actually the feminine version of the name 'Charlot' which is a fancy name for Charles. It is French and means either 'Free man' or 'Small'. The name dates back to the 14th century.


Edna is an old Hebrew name meaning 'Pleasure'. The name is pretty darn frumpy and evokes a real old-world stuffiness. However, as names is semi-biblical and old fashioned, and all things come into fashion again, it has made a comeback in 2017.


Lindsay is an old Scottish name meaning 'Island of the Lime Tree'. It was originally a popular surname. Lindsay was a popular boys name in days gone by, but the last thirty years or so has seen a huge gender swap with a majority of Lindsay's now being gals.


Sally is also another popular Hebrew name that has seen a large resurgence in 2017. Meaning 'Princess', it was originally a nickname for 'Sarah'. Sally is a popular name in Sweden and is making a fantastic comeback.


Surely parents can't be so cruel as to call their child 'Bertha' in this day and age. Bertha is originally a Welsh baby name for boys meaning 'Legendary Son of Cadwy'. He must have been quite a bloke! I can see why Grandparents hate this name.

Boy's Names That are Most Hated:

Okay so we have been through the most hated baby girl names - now it is onto the boy's names!


Jack is a traditional English baby name meaning 'God is Gracious'. It was such a popular baby boy name during the middle ages in Europe that it became a general term for a boy.


The name Noah is actually gaining popularity as a Girl's name in 2017! It is a Hebrew name meaning 'Rest' and 'Comfort'. Being a traditional biblical name, it has been around for a thousand years. It is currently the second most popular boys name in 2017.


The name Roger has been around since the Norman conquest in 1066. The name means 'Famous Spear' and is thought to have Germanic origins. The name is fast gaining popularity in 2017.


Elijah is a Hebrew name meaning 'My God is Yahweh'. It is a biblical name and has soared in popularity since the 1990's.


Frank is a French baby name meaning 'Free'. It was one of the most popular baby names in the 1880's and seeing the Hipster movement is here to stay, Frank has again become supremely popular.


Finn is an Irish baby boy name meaning 'Fair' or 'White'. It has been in the top 10 most popular baby names in Germany for the last decade, and since the airing of the popular series 'Glee' has become popular again in 2017.


Ian is another of those names that means 'God is Gracious' (there are quite a few!) and has origins in Scotland. This name has seen a resurgence due to the Hipster movement.

So these are the names most despised! Have you seen a resurgence of these types of baby names?


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