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Baby Sleep Problems

Updated on June 16, 2011

Baby Sleeping Problems

During the early stages of life, baby sleep problems are the most common difficulties being encountered by parents.  This is actually a tough time for both parents and their little ones. Irregularity in sleeping patterns is caused by different stimulants and factors. Parents go through a rough time as they struggle to find ways to help their beloved child to catch a good night rest. They should understand that there a many contributing factors which causes frequent sleep interruptions to their young ones. Recognition of these important factors greatly helps you to effectively address the problem.

Feeding is one common cause of periodic night waking because infants usually crave for milk at night. Their bodies are designed to respond to this common stimulus every time they feel hungry. It is believed that this habit will continue until seven to eight months after birth. Studies also revealed that infants who are breast fed are most likely to stay awake at night as compared to those who are not. In order to address this dilemma, try to establish frequent daytime feedings to lessen your child’s urge to feed at night.

Baby Having Problems Getting to Sleep

Is Your Baby Sick?

Illness is one of the most common baby sleep problems which cause sleepless nights to parents. When your young one is sick, it is definitely difficult for them to fall asleep. Restlessness, discomfort and facial grimacing are common indications that they are ill. They are helpless since they are unable to voice out what is really wrong with them. Words are not necessary because parents can read through the non-verbal cues of their child, although there are some who are still clueless every time their child cries out at night. If your young one experience difficulty in sleeping, try to analyze their movements like facial expressions or check their body temperature. Restlessness is indicative that something must be wrong with your baby, so do not just ignore the signs because they might need immediate medical attention.

Another common reason for night waking is the feeling of discomfort due to a wet nappy. A soaking wet diaper creates an uncomfortable feeling to your baby and is a common cause of sleep interruption. They cannot fall back to sleep until their diapers have been changed. So it is best to check their diapers regularly and ensure that before you put them to bed you have changed their nappies.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

Baby Sleep Tips

Sleeping Routine

Sleeping association is a common factor which has a direct influence on their sleeping routine. When they become accustomed to a specific method like listening to a lullaby before going to bed, they will experience sleeping difficulty without it. Therefore it is advisable to use different sleeping associations for easy transition from one method to the other.

As much as possible teach them to sleep on their own. You can gently rub their back as you help them to fall asleep but gradually decrease it as soon as they are used to sleeping on their own. Doing so will establish a regular sleeping routine without the need of your presence. A baby sleeping habits is directly influenced by many factors. But with proper training along with an assuring voice and gentle touch, you can help your child to overcome sleeping difficulties.

Reading a Bedtime Story to Your Little One Can Help Them Sleep

Baby Sleep Problems - Your Comments

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    Simi 8 years ago

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    This is a very informative post.A very helpful post for moms especially first time mothers.

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    s2aebelt 8 years ago

    i found that a full tummy helped my child sleep longer as well.

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