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Used Baby Clothes, Hand-Me-Down Bundles Business Idea

Updated on May 14, 2014

Baby wrapped in Clothes


The Problem: Baby Clothes are expensive and kids grow so fast

I'm a big believer in the financial benefits of renting consumables. When our first daughter was born we purchased and were given many items for our new baby. Everything from baby girl dresses to baby shoes. We received a lot of rattles. So many, I'd be happy when other kids came over to play and took them home:). However, as our baby grew, we kept needing to buy larger pajamas and other items. Often times the stuff we acquired was used very little and still in great shape by the time she grew out of it. My wife would box the stuff up, label it and put it in storage. It seems very wasteful, plus I'm sure there are lots of other parents out there that would be happy to have our three month used baby clothes and toys.

There must be a way to get more value out of baby clothes.

The Product: Baby Clothes Lease

I'd like a baby clothes and toy service that delivers bundles of used, but in good shape clothes as my baby grows. The service would deliver a bundle of clothes that would fit my baby for 2 to 3 months. At the next stage, it would send me a new bundle and I would ship my old bundle back. It could also offer to buy any other used baby clothes from me. I'd just put them in the bundle when I sent it back and they would give me a credit. If they didn't want the item, they could donate to charity and get a tax benefit for the donation.

Business Model: Lease Baby Clothes Bundles

To make the business work, you have to be very good at buying clothes inexpensively. Either at wholesale prices discounted for volume or by purchasing large quantities of used clothes at low prices. The business model would work similarly to leasing a car. Charge a small down-payment, a monthly fee, and then a few charges for damage beyond normal wear and tear. People could lease bundles of new or used clothes and like a lease, let people buy out the bundles for the residual value at the end of the period. Since the velocity (the rate at which people need new bundles) is pretty consistent, shipping costs could be added or included in the price based on geography.

Will Moms put used clothes on their babies?

Is the baby clothes bundle business a good idea?

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    • profile image

      Amanda Vigil 5 years ago

      Hi I don't know how to erase my last post but I just moved from fort Smith Arkansas to Irving texas I gave birth to my second son may 23rd and I'm still in need of everything for a baby boy sz 3mons. To 4t and toddler shoes 6w or 7w. Please help me I don't know when my health will get better but if I do I promise you I will provide for my children. Please reply back or call me 405-839-2067 God bless.

    • profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago

      Hello my name is Amanda Ramos I live 5900 Kinkead Ave Apt 424 Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903. My husband Juan Vigil Jr and I moved here in April 2011 from Bay City Texas. We have a 2yr old son Jeremy Paul and having our 2nd child in April 2012. I have been diagnosed with kidney failure on left side and a very low heart/pulse rate that I take medicine for just to stay alive for the sake of my family. I'm no longer able to work from it so I had to file disability and I know its going to take FOREVER. Now its just my husband's income which is only $90 a wk from temporary services. I was working at CVS Pharmacy in bay city and my husband was working for a roofing company. Since we moved here we can barely afford food. Iam 7 months pregnant already and was barely given Medicaid last month. Its hard to get help here. I really need toddler boy clothes sz 2t-4t shoes 5w or 6. And EVERYTHING for a newborn baby boy. My husband is willing to pay as much as he can for things for our babies. We're willing to show my disability papers, health papers and income papers because we're honest people. Some people make up stories just to get stuff but like I said we have never asked for help til we moved here. Please if you know of anyone that can help us my email is

    • Naebop profile image

      Naebop 8 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Unlike your previous comment I don't need you to send me your used baby clothes. But I do have to tell you this idea is great. I know you posted this hub 2 years ago but I just found out about hub pages 2 weeks ago and I have been doing some research regarding baby clothes. I feel that your idea for this business is a great one. I know craigs list sometimes has bundles or bags of baby clothes that people sell but it would be great to "rent" out the clothes for a small fee, a fee that would be cheaper than buying the clothes at a retail store. I just gave birth to twins so I can relate to anyone's stress over the amount of money it takes to clothe babies these days. I look forward to hearing your other ideas in the future. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      loise 10 years ago

      Greetings in the name of the Lord; I am requesting you to kindly send me some of your used clothes for adults and children eg Dresses, trousers and tops. i have under my care orphans who were left behind by their parents and i would appreciate your help. the ages are between 7 and above.aults sizes are from 28 - 48.(My postal address is Loise Akinyi Josiah P.O.Box 12087-00100 Nairobi-Kenya, East Africa. Telephone 0724658321 Fax 22212511. Thank you in advance

      Please Note that we need your donations free of charge since we cannot afford to buy for all of them. thank you