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Back in Time: Comatose

Updated on September 30, 2012

My impertinence towards the speed limit along the way elicited a cautionary censure from my wife, bringing me back from my subconscious mindset. “I’m being careful Jen,” as I loosened my tight grip on the steering wheel, feeling it as it recoiled. The short drive was taking forever. I slipped away into the recesses of my mind once again.

It was ‘the déjà vu moment’; still fresh in my memory. The last time I heard those words, we were frantically heading toward the young couple’s apartment. The image I retained being, my son’s face stained with his dried blood, as the police documented his account of the attack. When the P.D. were through with him, Kevin he turned his attention to us.

“We need to head to the Emergency Room in Chandler.” Before Kevin’s mother or I could ask he continued…, “They took Kiley in the Ambo, so we’ll talk on the way.” Clearly he was in a state of extreme distress as he rambled on not waiting for any questions.

“When they kicked in the door, the force knocked me back into Kiley. Before I realized what was going on, one of the guys punched me and knocked me down. The next thing I remember was being led into the bathroom. My mind said look for Kiley, but my body couldn’t do it. I knew I needed more time to get control of my body.”

“Hold on Kevin! I interjected. Fore, if my wife was experiencing anything remotely as I was experiencing; her head was spinning just as much as mine was spinning. I struggled asking, “What happened to Kiley son? You spoke with her right? What did she say happened to her?”

“After they ran out, I went to the bedroom to see if Kiley was ok” he leapt ahead. She was sitting in the corner and told me to ‘get help’. I ran back into the TV room to get the phone but they were both gone. I ran back to Kiley to ask her if she had her phone. She said “no”, so I banged on the neighbors door until someone answered. “It took forever, No one was answering!”

I decided this was a good time to slow him down again, interceding... “Kevin, this is not your fault ok?” He continued as if it wasn’t ok, that it wasn’t his fault. “I called 911 and told them to send an ambulance because we were Home Invaded. Then I was sitting next to Kiley when the police came in. She just sat there shaking!” Her body was trembling as she shook her head, just was shaken. Kevin reached the end to what he knew. He was in a hurry to get to the E.R. to find out what he didn’t know.

As I checked twice both ways before proceeding through the red lights; it seemed to all those concerned in our car, that it helped to continue with his narrative. To this point my wife hadn’t said a word. It seemed the experience was either too surreal or far worse yet, too real.

Kevin continued his narrative at the point he initially left off, while being held captive in the bathroom. “The guy let go of me to shut the door. I realized my legs didn’t buckle. Before he could grab my neck again, I lunged at him, pushing us toward the bathtub. My feet slipped a little from the wet floor but I heard his head hit the tub as I landed on top of him. I started screaming as loud as I could for help. Over and over I screamed “Help”, while hitting him the whole time!

As I loosened my re-conforming grip on the steering wheel, I realized the car had stopped, we had reached our destination. I regained consciousness of my surroundings upon entering the hospital. I would imagine my wife jenny and son Kevin did as well by then, but I couldn’t say ‘fore shore.’ The entirety of the episode seemed to be ‘in slow motion’, like being under water. Time had slowed; it slowed to a crawl. Then time seemed to fast forward ahead, while standing before me, rested Kiley.

It doesn’t seem moral to have competing traumas. Yet it is in those very times we find ourselves most predisposed to pray to our God... ‘Fore shore’ it is those very times which we find ourselves to be most vulnerable, most powerless! ‘Fore Shore’ we want to escape the daze of the angry seas to sense the solid under footing of the solid soil below us!


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    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      I look forward to discussing the times of our lives fellow tirelesstraveler

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 5 years ago from California

      Of all days to have stuff pending and no time for reading. This is spell binding. I will be back for more.

    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona


      Thank you for your kind words and comments.

    • NayNay2124 profile image

      NayNay2124 5 years ago

      What a compelling story. I can't wait for the next hub so I can find out what happened. Great hub.

    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      Dearest tillsonitan from my great homestate of NY.. it wouldn't be a pencil biter to know all yet not divelged. If I know Ms. Tilly as I believe I know Ms. Tilly, she has done her research " fore shore." Loving Ms. Tilley right about now, at the risk of a 25 year marriage. gjf

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      I am amazed and humbled by hubs like this. So much action, so much said and yet not all is divulged. This is a pencil biter! Loved every minute of it, though I would like to know what happened to Kiley "For shore"!

      Voted up, awesome, and interesting. Oh, and shared with my followers.