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Back in Time: Awakening

Updated on October 5, 2012

Summertime in the desert will sap the strength of any human. It has the capacity to bring anyone to their knees. June of 2010 was no exception. We got accustomed to Kiley having her up days and her down. This happened to be an especially stressful day. The collective unyielding lack of sleep weighed upon us all. Kevin occasionally spent the night at the apartment, but typically got little sleep if any when he did. As I lay in bed recounting the dialogues and events of the day, I heard the front door open quietly.

My wife stirred, offering my cue to whisper to her, “Sounds like Kevin’s here.” It’s the unwritten rule for me to respond to the late night caller to assure all is well. Before I could get out of bed, my son appeared in our bedroom to announce he was really exhausted and he couldn’t sleep at his place; “You mind if I crash on the couch?” He stated rather than asked. Jen and I replied in unison “Of course not, get some rest. He lunged with a thud on to the sofa in our bedroom; during his recent stays he wrestled with sleep on the living room sofa. My wife and I gave each other a startled look. Through the years we’ve termed this sofa the ‘sick bay’ given its history with the patients whom occupied it. Within five minutes he was snoring.

The best you can do is keep plugging away while you hope for the best. Fore there can be no recovery without hope. Upon occasion we would hear him rustling as he wrestled with the soul imperative of slumber. When life’s outcome is out of our control we often find all we have left is hope. Life is and shall always be what happens while we make other plans. So we role with the punches, wrap ourselves around our adversary and push back with all the strength we can muster. It has the power to bring any man to his knees.

I regained consciousness of my surroundings upon the reverberation of the young man’s unrelenting screaming; “Help!” Although shocked, neither his mother nor I was surprised from the sudden awakening. Kevin’s body relented to fatigue, allowing his mind to roam free toward the humanity of night terror. As he laid face down wailing, his muffled cries were scarcely absorbed by the sofa. In sync his arms were mercilessly flailing for a continued existence upon his assailant.

“Kevin, you’re safe, we’re here in our bedroom, easy… Kevin, wake up, you’re safe!” as he popped up to recover his consciousness.

The recent events of his life had taken its toll. Since his 22nd birthday in March, his life would reach an unforeseen new height. Two days after which, the young pregnant couple discovered they should be expecting a baby girl to join their family. I had never seen him so full of life, so lucid, so giddy with excitement. The events of his recent life would last for less than a week. The recent events of his life would last a lifetime. He would plunge from an altitude no man can be expected to escape unscathed. The higher up we are, the greater the impact of the fall. It has the power to bring any man to his knees.

As he shook out the cobwebs from the abrupt awakening, and as he wiped the sleep from his eyes, his voice cracked as he simply said, “I opened the door.”


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    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      Thank you teaches12345, for your kind words and encouragement.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Love your whimsical play on the story here. Dreams!