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Back to School 3 Ring Zipper Binders

Updated on August 1, 2017

Zipper Binders are Pro

Whats the second and in some cases most important thing for high school or college? You got it, your three ring zipper binder! These binders are great, its functions like a binder and acts like a backpack all in one. Whoever hasn't used a zipper binder before is really missing out. The ability to put lose papers quickly without falling out is wonderful. Built into the covers are plenty of pockets and holders for everything you might need! Coming in different sizes, styles, and functions - zipper binders do everything from keeping an artist organized to helping with math with a built in calculator to even playing music, yes playing music.

Picking out the Right Binder

Many times it can be hard or easy to pick out a binder you or your child will like. It is also hard to make sure the zipper binder you get in the store (instead of online) is in excellent condition. The best things to check before you drop that $35 on that advanced zipper binder are:

  • Exterior - make sure it isnt cut or scrached to start off with, also make sure the color or theme is what you or your child want.
  • Zippers - advanced trapperkeepers (zipper binders) have not only one external zipper, but often little zippers on inside components! Make sure all glide and work nicely, if they get hung up or are hard to move then I would advise looking at another or move on to another model.
  • Metal Rings - it is critical you check to see if the rings hold tight and open/close easily. If these rings are damaged the binder just simply wont bind - whats the point in it then? If the rings don't close fully dont buy it!
  • Pockets - check the nets and pockets to make sure there are no holes and that they are fully seemed on the sides and bottom. I cant stress this enough, if a pocket is lose on the sides and you add materials to them, they will pull out and become useless!
  • Core - the binder core is the material that makes up the cover and the bottom. If this material is bent is might never become strait. I wouldnt suggest buying a bent binder assuming once it has use it will level out.

Supplying a Zipper Binder

The average list of things that should be in a zipper binder for school are:

  • 50 Pages of Filler Paper
  • 7 Organizer Tabs (one for each class)
  • 2 Pencils (Ticonderoga suggested)
  • 2 Pens (Same color Black or Blue)
  • Mini Sharpener
  • 12 Pack Colored Pencils (Crayola or Prang for Science etc)
  • Scientific or Graphic Calculator (Middle/High School|College respectively)
  • Ruler
  • Small pack of Sticky Notes (Any of there many products)
  • Highlighters
  • Erasers (STAEDTLER recommended)


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