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Back to school – useful tips

Updated on September 1, 2011

Time to get - Back to school

Summer is over, two months of rest, fun, television watching, internet games, picnics and outings are over and it is back to school. As the count down begins, start a flurry of different activities a prelude to getting ready for school. For some the very thought of getting back to school may be a period of stress and anxiety. The very thought of new teachers, new lessons, new routines, maybe even new school or new friends could get some stressed. For others it may just be fun to be back in school. Each child is different and needs to be handled differently, here are some pointers to help you get organized, reduce the stress of getting back to school and help them look forward to the new year at school.

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Preparing your child emotionally to get back to school

All children need to be prepared to go back to school, but some more than others. Those children who are obese or scrawny or very quiet or the ones who have few friends may need more attention, as they are constantly the butt of all jokes at school.

Going to a new school may be traumatic for some. It is almost like being uprooted and replanted. The child needs to be reassured that he/she would make friends soon. Talking about previous positive experiences when the child adapted himself / herself easily could be very reassuring.

Children who have had a lot of fun with little or no established routine during the holidays find it difficult to get back to a set routine. It is always better to have a set routine for mornings and late evenings even during holidays. This makes the transition less difficult for children and they are become disciplined in their approach to school.

While buying clothes or shoes or stationery for school it would be a good idea to make this a fun event and allowing the child to shop within a set budget. This could be done just a week or so before school ideally.

Emotional and mental preparation to get back to school

Talking to your child about their favorite classmates always helps. Talking to them about their adventures during the holidays and how they can share them with their friends would make them wait excitedly to get back to school.

Encouraging children to bond with others at school is very healthy. Organizing get togethers for your child’s friends once in a while enables children to form lasting friendships and that way you will also come to have a fairly good idea of how things are working out for your child at school.

Preparing them to face bullies would be another great idea. Instructing children to be good to others and not to pick up fights is very important. Educate them about bullies everywhere and ask them to bring it to the notice of the teacher or parents always.

Spanking or scolding the child in the mornings is not a great idea; to avoid the morning madness it is better to have the child get his/her bags packed, clothes laid out, shoes and other things put in place the night before.

Tips for getting organised to get back to school

Be prepared to spend under half a day to get the school supplies, lunch boxes, clothes, shoes, backpacks, water bottles etc.

The next job to be tackled is the books to be covered and labeled, the older children could be taught to do this with some help and supervision and in no time you will have it under control.

Have the uniform or clothes washed, ironed or even bought and kept ready in advance. Never put it off for the last minute.

Shoes cleaned out or well shined as the case may be one or two days in advance will take a care of last minute out of control moments.

Encourage your child to pack his/her school bag the previous evening. The Identity cards, ties or any other essentials that are a must on school days could be kept along with the bag as these are the small things that cause huge headaches.

Keep in a folder the medical records or other certificates that may be needed at school as and when they are ready. With all this done you are more or less ready to get your child back to school.

Getting organized to get back to school

It would be good for menus to be planned ahead of time so that your child has a healthy breakfast and carries a decent well balanced lunch to school. This would not only be a sound investment money wise but also health wise as this would avoid your child eating unhealthy or poorly balanced lunches elsewhere.

Wake your child at least an hour ahead of the time he/she has to leave home for school. This way there will be no hurrying and scurrying in the mornings and the child will have enough time to finish his morning routine, eat a good breakfast and leave for school in a good mood.

Ensure that the child has finished his/her home work the previous evening itself; leaving work to be done in the morning can disrupt all schedules.

Make it a point to be in touch with your child’s teacher as often as you think reasonable.

Guidance with projects would be helpful, going overboard and doing the work for the child is making the child lazy and dependent on you.

Keep a healthy and wholesome snack ready in the evening when the child gets back. This ensures that the child well fed, happy and not fatigued.

The last but not the least, make sure that you are in touch with the general happenings in your child’s school and class. This will keep you on top of things.


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    • sofs profile image

      sofs 7 years ago

      You are bang on target. Children need at least eight to nine hours of sleep. A routine once set up becomes a habit. I find that it works well with my children. They go to bed early wake up quite chirpy in the mornings and I have no problems whatsoever on that front.

      Thank you for staring this discussion and your valuable comments. God bless you!

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Good hub, especially about maintaining a set morning and evening routine for the kids. I read a study once that showed your average child just simply does not get enough sleep--he/she needs more sleep than an adult. The lack of sleep severely adversely affects school performance.