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Beans for Healing and Health

Updated on October 18, 2009

Beans for Healing and Health

A painting my friend painted
A painting my friend painted

Beans for Healing and Health

Did you know that beans of all varieties have healing effects? Both the bean and the pod can have healing uses and both have been used for their medicinal properties by alternative care practitioners.

First, Internally,  Beans are considered a diuretic 9 an agent that increases the flow of urine and helps to clean the body). Bean pods have been known to help lower blood sugar levels and bean pod tea has been used for chronic rheumatism, and kidney or bladder problems. They are full of vitamins and help to regenerate the body.

Second, externally, beans have been helpful in treating difficult cases of acne. Bean meal is often applied to the skin for moist eczema and itching.

There is research being done on a variety of substances contained in beans, which may help in preventing cancer. Grains also have these substances, and are being studied as well.

There are no known side effects other then gas associated with cooked dried beans. You can find a link to my article about removing gas from beans when cooking at the link below.

To reap the benefits of beans, add them to your daily diet in every way you can. Beans come in so many varieties that this is very easy to do, yet they are so common we often forget to include them enough.

You can learn a fast way to cook dried beans at my article link below.



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