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Bedwetting Solutions - Bladder Training and Bed Wetting Alarm review

Updated on July 25, 2009
hoooray for a dry bed
hoooray for a dry bed

Bed wetting can be a worrying and messy time for all involved and I know as a young kid I would wet the bed every night without fail and totally soak the sheets and mattress.

I tried many different things to combat the bedwetting when I was young such as going for a run before going to bed, bedwetting alarm systems.  Bed wetting is very natural and everyone will experience bet wetting in there lifetime we all have to learn what it feels like to have a full bladder and when to go and relieve ourselves. 

If your child has been experiencing bed wetting for a long time say as old as 13-14 years old or older it’s not as uncommon as you may think some of us me included have very weak bladders and this is usually genetic as my parents also have quite small weak bladders.

Bed wetting Solutions

Running before bed  

This method can be quite good for bed wetting and it is a very old method all you have to do is go for a short walk or jog (not too vigorous) before bed to sweat out any excess water. For me this helped when I could be bothered going for a walk. 

Bed Wetting Alarm  

This technique to help children realize when there bladders need to be emptied for me was very horrible. The alarm was just like a big alarm that let everyone in the house know that I’d wet the bed. It was very embarrassing and lucky for me my parents had a sense of humor so it wasn’t so bad. 

Bed wetting alarms I believe are not the way to go and only give you an extra thing to wash. For some children it can make them feel very anxious cause its very obvious when your sleeping on one of those things you can feel the thing rustling beneath you all those little water sensor wires. Its like that alarm clock ring you dread every morning save the money and hassle. 

Bladder training 

For me and many other children bladder training and control is probably the best option. I did little exercises like I would drink a glass of water then I would time how long it would take before I had the urge to go to the bathroom.  

The next time you drink some water time yourself and try and beat that time. This is a bladder controlling exercises not a bladder busting exercise so If you feel like your going to burst you’ve lost the point and you should’ve gone about 5 minutes ago.  

Many times you feel as though you can go to the bathroom but in fact it’s not causing you any real discomfort and you could hold it for a while longer.  

Bedwetting adult

Now for a little bit on bedwetting adults , this usually occurs for similar to reasons why kids wet the bed and this is due to loosing control of there bladder as it becomes weaker and unable to hold as much fluid. Adult bedwetting can be caused by many things including cell anemia and sleep disorders.  

I am no expert but I believe the reason why adults will experience bedwetting has to do with the condition of there prostate and what is referred to the bc or pc muscle in men which the muscle between the anus and penis. This muscle is usually engaged in men to stop the flow of urine and because of the lack of sexual activities in older age this muscle becomes extremely weak and unable to do its job.

Sorry about the adult bedwetting bit was trying to keep it G rated for the kid’s bedwetting stuff but I thought I should add this in. thanks for reading. 

smile and dont stress too much
smile and dont stress too much


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