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Being a Mommy with Tattoos and Piercings

Updated on January 5, 2015

Tattoos and Parenting

When we think of tattoos and piercings, something that use to be so taboo, now its fairly common. From doctors, to dentist, to teachers and parents, we either have them, or know someone who does. But for something as beautiful as body art, can change the perception on how you are viewed in society.

I am a stay at home mom, and a writer. I don't work for a big corporation, and I can say that I am my own boss, most of the time. As an artist myself, tattoos are a big part of my life. I have many of them, over 30 to take a guess if I were to separate each one. I have my lower arms, my abs, my ankle, my back and my chest. Some you can't ever see because of their placement, but others, like my chest piece, you can see clearly. Here are my experiences with being a tattooed parent.

The stares....

One day I was with my 2 kids at a playground, playing with them, running with them, and chasing them around. I am the hands on kind of mom, not the one that sits at the bench staring at the phone. I run, I chase them, its my work out and it makes them tired, and we all know that's our final goal for playground time.

I would say I have a mix of style, somewhere along Bohemian flower meets sex and the city gal. I am very comfortable in my skin. I get a lot of looks, some are very nice, with smiles and all (I say it like that, because we all know that smiles are rare these days). And then I get the looks, of "Oh my God, she has tattoos, keep your children close and your purses closer). These looks don't bother me a lot, I respect everyone's opinions whether I agree or not. but lets look a little deeper.

The Stigma Of Tattoos

Not so long ago, tattoos, even if an art, where viewed as something negative. People easily judged you because of them. Oh, you have tattoos? Well then, you have been in jail. That was usually for men, not to mention women. As a woman, you have tattoos, they would think you were easily available, a party animal, or a wreck who doesn't respect herself, not lady like at all.

I am that mom, who is full of tattoos, and have had many different piercings throughout my life. For me, tattoos are beautiful, and a form of self expression. It is walking art. Now, remember, I am talking about me, I don't drink, I am definitely not available, much less a party animal. I respect every living thing, but at the same time, in real life, I don't find a need to justify my actions. Why do I have tattoos? Simple. Because I like them.

Don't Judge a Book by its cover.... Seriously

Judging in very common for people. It is how we perceive people, how we think they are. We live in a world, where mostly everyone has Tattoos. My doctor has a sleeve, my dentist has a back piece, my best friend, who is an RN has many as well. Yet as soon as people see someone with body art, they give them the look of disapproval without even getting to know their stories. Lets open our minds, next time we see someone with many tattoos, instead of asking them, did it hurt? Lets ask them the stories behind them. Lets get together for the name of art, because you never know, when you are going to meet your next Tattooed friend. We are all people after all.


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