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Bella Bond

Updated on July 13, 2017

Rachelle Bonds of Dorchester will walk out of jail today a free women, with time serve for her part in the death of her daughter. "Bella Bond". Daniel F. Conley District Attorney made a plea deal with Rachelle to turn states evidence on her ex-boyfriend Michael McCarthy to lessen her sentence for being an accessory to dumping the body of Bella..

.Rachelle said under oath Michael punched her 2 year old baby in the stomach until she died because she wouldn't go to sleep.. She pleaded guilty to being an accessory to helping McCarthy for getting rid of the body. She said she was afraid McCarthy will kill her after Bella death, Rachelle continue to collect state assistant to buy drugs. Rachelle even sent Michael out to by heroin at she could have told someone or went to the police when he left her alone..After they dispose of Bella body they went home and had a session of doing heroin, without thinking of what they had done to Bella.

Rachelle is not as innocent as she proclaim she was with a man who allegedly killed her baby and stayed with him until they was caught. Did Rachelle help Michael Kill Bella? No one really knows except Michael and Rachelle who really killed Bella.

Rachelle Bond is as guilty as Michael McCarthy and should have got the same sentence as McCarty for being and accessory to Murder. Rachelle will go on with her life and her child is gone for ever.

Rachael Bond the mother Of Bella Bond will walk out of the court house with time served for testifying against her ex-boyfriend Michael McCarthy for murdering little Bella her two-year old Baby.


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