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Benefits to Being a Father and Tips for New Dads

Updated on July 10, 2014

Being a parent is no easy task and of course no matter how hard you think you planned or precaution you might take you will from time to time be caught by surprise. However the benefits far outweigh the lack of sleep and added anxiety you might feel. Below are some benefits if you are thinking about becoming a father or currently expecting.


Getting to be a kid again – Being able to play with all the kids’ toys and role playing as my child looks at me with a big smile is a great feeling. Plus where else do you get the chance to play with Lego’s, building blocks, or sitting in an empty basket and pretending it’s a race car.

Less depression or stress - We all get these feelings from time to time parent or not. What I do is just breath, and take a moment to remember something funny or cute my child did. Such as singing a song or watching them is silly. Of course there is nothing like the big hug you get when you first come home.

More connected to the community - I found that as I became a father and my child began to age I found myself slowly getting more involved in various aspects of the community. I also noticed that many of these communities started allowing me to various benefits such as meeting local businessmen and women. This is good and I think everyone should try being connected if they can.

Outlook changes - It was funny how things on the news such as anything to do with kids seem to affect me even more than it use too. Another change I noticed was is what I considered to be important. For instance instead of buying the $120 shoes I buy ok $80 dollar ones because I’d rather buy something for my kid.

A man tear – It’s always a wonder how much your child can make you become teary eyed with every milestone they come to. From walking to throwing a fit, each one is good. Time seems to be moving faster so I make sure to miss as few of these moments as possible.

Increased activity - I was always pretty active but now I’m doing even more than before such as the extra walks around the block, to the park, or pretending to be frogs and leaping about. You ever tried leap frogging across your house? I say give it a try if you are able to.

Different Stage In Life - Many things change as you and your child ages. First it was just about keeping them fed and clothed. Soon you start realizing that you are going to need to move to a different neighborhood because your current one is not close enough to a schools or is not safe enough in your opinion for children. Then the day comes and you need a 3 bedroom.

Hope you enjoy my little article on some of the benefits I've experienced. I'm sure there are numerous more but these are what stand out to me. Embrace the experience and changes that are happening in your life and enjoy them as things do change quickly.

Have you seen any of the above benefits to being a parent?

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