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The Best Diaper Rash Ointment Ever!

Updated on December 30, 2014

It is a baby’s bottoms worst nightmare the DIAPER RASH! Being a mom of recent twins I have double booty duty. When I ran out of my trusted number one Doctor recommended Destine® Diaper Rash Cream I thought I was doomed! I then discovered this yellow box of not my Destine® diaper ointment called Baby’s Butt -Aid that I got from someone from my baby shower party.

I sighed reluctantly using it. I was amazed when my son's the diaper rash was gone the morning. The redness was gone! This is not happen with good old reliable Destine. It normally takes a couple of applications to clear up a diaper rash. I used Baby’s Butt Aid one time, and the diaper rash was gone! Another plus to Baby’s Butt Aid is there was really no perfume odor to it. It is also not as messy. It has a firm thick cream texture to it. Meaning there is no chance of dripping when your precocious baby whacks your hand when you are trying to put the cream on you baby’s bottom. Or get under your finger nails when your squeeze some on your finger( No offense Destine®.). Destine has a bit of a thin creamier texture, which I seemed to have the tendency to get everywhere except where it truly belongs, on my babies tushie.

For some reason I decided to do a little research on what I thought was an awesome product. To my horror I found there was a bit of controversy on my new favorite product. Parents posting on mom fourm boards warning other mom's not to use this product. So I dug deeper.

About Baby’s Butt- Aid

Baby’s Butt- Aid is manufactured in China. It contains 16% zinc Oxide which is the key factor into why it works so well, Oh and apparently it Contains LEAD! It currently has been banned in the state of California due to this discovery of it containing too high levels of lead and other chemicals according to its state laws. Lead is known to cause birth defect, reproductive problems. For a child born lead can cause neurological problem such as learning disabilities, seizers, even lead to coma. It even said on it PACKAGING at one time, as one parent posted on Baby Click here to see .Oddly this product seems to still be sold today for I was gifted some. Strangely MY tube of Baby’s Butt- Aid has no such comment that it may contain lead. Ingredients were: boric acid, castor oil, microcrystalline wax, mineral oil, paraffin, Peruvian balsam petrolatum. So maybe they supposedly “changed” their product? Did they REALLY change it though? Or did they not put that it contains lead and other harmful chemical on its packaging now. Why is it still being sold here if it’s not okay? Sadly the stuff works AMAZING too.

If a product once deemed hazardous, but now supposedly "change" its recipe would you still use it?

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    • JannyC profile image

      JannyC 2 years ago

      I totally agree!

    • profile image

      Ashley 2 years ago

      I'm using this for the first time for my baby. I was looking up reviews on the product as my baby hasn't really had much of a diaper rash before and I have so many different ones that I don't know what works for him yet. Anyway, I don't trust ingredients in anything. It's likely to still have lead, and who's to say other diaper rash ointments don't have lead in them and for whatever reason this particular one is the culprit? But why is butt aid the target and not others? For example, many foods contain dyes and even soy but it isn't labeled, or bht, but again not labeled. People have allergies to these ingredients that are not labeled. Why would baby products be any different? It's a sad truth of reality unfortunately. I think the lead ingredient was just removed from the label but I believe it's an ingredient in the product. Besides, everything is made in China now. China has become America's number 1 manufacturer for pretty much everything. If anyone wants there children to be truly safe and mostly chemical free, then make everything at home from scratch. That is the only solution. But I know not everyone has the time or money to do that. So it is what it is.