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Baby Gifts for First Time Mothers

Updated on July 29, 2013

Great Baby Shower and First Time Mom Gift Ideas 2013

It's very exciting to have a baby on the way. When I had my first child, I had no clue what I needed or what to buy.

The air is tense with anticipation for the unknown. A whole new world of financial obligations opens up with having the equipment to safely, and conveniently, care for a brand new little one.

The best kind of mother to buy for is a new one; they need everything, so gift buying is easy! From practical to fun, the gifts highlighted here are some great ideas to get you going.

Boon Stash Multi-Room Organizer
Boon Stash Multi-Room Organizer

Baby Gifts for First Time Mothers

Boon Stash Multi-Room Organizer

Caring for babies involves a lot of supplies and attention. Help mom keep things simple by organizing some of the necessities in one handy place with the Boon Stash Multi-Room Organizer.

This handy product features 9 various sizes of shallow cups that you can put use to put items into - pacifiers, bottles, silverware, syringes, cups, lids, and any other manner of small baby item you can fit into it.

A feature that makes it that much better is that it is wall mountable, along with being able to sit on any counter or table top.

When I had my first child, this would have been just what I needed. This is a convenient item to have around even after you no longer have little ones; they can be kept in the kitchen for random, but frequently used kitchen items, in an office, a craft room, and more.

A Seat to Help Baby Learn to Sit Up 2013

The Bumbo Baby Seat

The most exciting time for me when I had my first baby was watching him learn to sit up.The Bumbo baby seat is ideal for that stage of a child's development and provides the perfect spot to play and sit to keep them happy since their attention spans are so short.

The Bumbo Baby Seat is a fantastic chair for baby, and a convenient piece of equipment for mom. The chair is made very deep with a high back to keep baby in a sitting position with no room to topple over. It is solidly made and very stable.

An Easy Chair for Baby

There are no straps or fasteners to worry about so it is very easy to use. When babies are just a few months old, when their back muscles are strong enough that they no longer slouch, they can be placed in this Bumbo.

However, one should be aware that babies need lots of time in other positions and places to exercise those back muscles. The manufacturer says it will hold up to a 22 pound baby but a baby that big will usually be able to tip it over in their quest to get at everything.

Close supervision is needed with this item, but when used properly, it can be a great addition to your baby gear.I did notice that the one I used seemed to make baby lean just ever so slightly forward at times, so it didn't seem entirely comfortable, but she never complained about the chair.

A Great Baby Rocker Gift Idea

Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler-Rocker

Babies love to bounce, wiggle, and move around. A great gift idea for a first time mother is a bouncer rocker type seat. This Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler-Rocker is a perfect option. A chair like this is a great change of scenery for baby.

It reclines, rocks and vibrates your baby depending on their preferences. I really liked that there were two recline positions since one always seemed to be better than the other for us. The detachable arm holds three toys with the center toy activating with music when it is pulled.

The base is skidproof to keep it from moving around while rocking or vibrating. If you don't want the chair to rock, the kickstand offers more stability. It can hold up to 40 pounds, so it can be used for quite awhile, and toddlers will certainly enjoy having their own little seat.

Parents should be aware that once baby starts reaching for things and leaning forward, they should be supervising the child while the chair is in rocking mode. If you walk away, you should put the brakes on since the chair can tip forward if baby tries hard enough to reach something outside of it.

Get Back to Pre-Pregnancy Size!

When I first came home from the hospital after delivering my first child, I was uneasy about my new shape. All I wanted was to be my pre-pregnant self again. Any mother, not just new ones, will appreciate a gift that will help them get back into their old wardrobe much faster, trust me.

This hip shrinking device,ShrinkX Hips, is a great way to help a womans body get back to normal. The first 8 weeks after delivery leaves a woman with the hormone relaxin, which softens up the pelvic region so giving birth is much easier.

This means that while everything is so soft, you have an advantage of squeezing the hips together before everything hardens up.

I loved having control over how much pressure I wanted to put on my hips. It is kind of hard to wear under fitted clothing, and mine tended to curl up on the ends a bit, but I wore it outside my clothing around the house and during the night while I slept.

I did notice some aching after wearing it but I could tell my hips were shrinking so it was doing its job. It isn't very comfortable for hips to stretch out while pregnant, shrinking them back could only be expected to be a little uncomfortable as well.

It was easy to use and as long as a woman uses it consistently, it will do the job and she will be back in her jeans shortly.

A Practical Gift Idea for First Time Moms

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Let's face it babies love to pee and poop all over the place. It might seem too generic a gift, but new moms need lots of diapers! Having a large amount on hand is convenient and cost effective.

Babies grow very fast in the first few weeks after birth, so a good gift idea are some Pampers Baby Dry Diapers in Size 1.

When mom gets to that inevitable day when the newborn diapers are just too small, she will breathe a sigh of relief for the awesome gift you gave her of this big box of diapers she has on hand, instead of having to run to the grocery store.

These diapers are very snug and flexible so it's easy for baby to move around. They are made with 3 layers of absorbency and work very well, they are my first choice in diapers.

Best Baby Gifts for a First Time Mother

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