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Best home remedies for infant constipation, baby constipation remedy with grapes, oranges, spinach, cabbage and massage

Updated on June 19, 2013

Quick relief for diarrhea and stomach pain in infants and children

help baby get relieved from constipation
help baby get relieved from constipation

Baby constipation and remedies

My baby started getting constipation when he began eating solid foods. Ready-made canned cereals made him highly constipated that he had even 4 days without motion. I was not worried as I read in several health websites that there is nothing to worry much about baby constipation. Constipation is common in babies. But we, parents are worried as child won’t have good appetite if he is not passing motion regularly. Moreover constipated child may have the problem of gas, stomach pain etc. Child may also be frustrated. Constipated children may have difficulty passing motion. They have to strain to make bowels free. I have tried some tips to bring baby motion and few of them have worked. I will share the tips with you.

If your baby is less than 6 months old, following exercises will help. I have done this for this baby, and that have worked well.

Exercises for constipation relief in babies

  • Do a cycling motion of legs as the baby is lying down. Do for 10 minutes. Motion will come and baby will feel relieved
  • Massage baby’s stomach with hand in clockwise direction. Baby will feel better and will have bowel movement.

But sometimes these exercises will not work for infants. Even giving more water will not help. I have found that drinking more water does not help my child’s constipation. In such cases you should give this simple constipation relieving foods to babies

Dry grapes for baby constipation

Put 4 or 5 dry grapes (red grapes is better than green for constipation) in water at night. The dry gapes will be swollen by morning. The next morning squeeze the grapes and take the juice. It will be 2, 3 spoonful of juice. Give this to infant. He is sure to pass motion. This is the most effective home remedy for baby constipation

Orange juice, yet another remedy for infant constipation

Take the juice of orange and dilute it with little water and give it to your baby. Orange is however bit cool. It may cause cold. So give it only in summer. Otherwise give during noontime when weather is warm. Orange would help child pass motion

Stomach worms in children - home remedies

Constipation remedy of babies above 6 months

Massage techniques will not work for older children. For them we will have to give certain foods that would help solve constipation

For older children we can give certain foods that would empty the bowel. They can be given the above mentioned juices. Apart from that there are certain foods that would help.

A wonderful remedy for infant cold

Nine Grain Cereal Porridge Recipe for Infants and Children – Tasty and Nutritious Mixed Grain Porridge

Cabbage rice for baby constipation

Cook rice. In a separate pan, put a few drops of oil and cook cabbage and onion. Add a bit turmeric powder also. Cook cabbage. Now give it with rice. Baby will pass motion in one or two hours.

Spinach rice for baby constipation

Cook little moong dal (green gram) with rice and spinach. Cook these together. Now take a pan and pour few drops of oil. Put the cooked rice, spinach, dal mix. Cook for few minutes. This food with spinach can help evacuate baby bowels.

Foods to avoid if baby has constipation

Avoid chocolates, wheat products (like bread and chapathi), fish and chicken if baby suffers from constipation. Have rice as it is easily digestible.


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