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Best toddler pillow

Updated on June 19, 2013

So you are moving your toddler from a crib to their new bed and you need a dependable pillow for them to sleep with. In my opinion the best toddler pillow, to start them off with, is the Natura Organic Cloud.

My daughter loves it because it is snuggly, soft and very comfortable. I like it because it doesn't use harmful toxins, bleaches, off gassing or dyes. The pillow draws moisture away from the skin for a clean allergen free sleep.

The Natura Organic Cloud is machine washable which is very important in a toddler pillow.

Infant's feet as he sleeps
Infant's feet as he sleeps

toddler sleep tips

Getting your toddler to sleep and keeping them that way can be problematic. If your toddler doesn't get their sleep that means you won't be getting your rest either. Here are some toddler sleep tips to help you through the night.

  • Stick to their bedtime. Routine is very important to a toddler, if you start moving their bedtime around they are less likely to sleep through the night.
  • If your toddler wakes up a lot try swaddling them. Wrapping them up tightly seems to help the feel safer and sleep better.
  • Start a bedtime routine. An hour thirty minutes to before bedtime, start a calming ritual that may include giving a bath, brushing their teeth and reading a story.
  • Everyone needs 30 minutes of sunlight light each day, otherwise their biological clock gets upset. Also make sure that they get at least 20 minutes of exercise as this affects how their body perceives time.
  • Don't rock your toddler asleep and then put them in bed. If they wake up, they will expect you to come rock them back to sleep again. If they wake up in the middle of the night, rock them for a while, then put them in bed and let them fall asleep on their own.
  • If your toddler seems very sensitive to normal household sounds, try running a a fan or white-noise machine in his room.

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A good night's sleep for baby is a good night's sleep for mommy.
A good night's sleep for baby is a good night's sleep for mommy.
Happy toddler in under water theme bedroom
Happy toddler in under water theme bedroom


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