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How to Build A Blanket Fort - Tapping into the Imagination of your Kid

Updated on June 6, 2014

Having a Kid.... Sometimes Means Being a Kid

We all reached that age where we lost touch with our inner child. For some of us, we were glad to dispose of our childish ways, and look forward to being an adult. Because for those of us who felt like that.... well, we just couldn't wait to grow up, could we?

Then there was the others, who clung onto their childhood like a toddler to their pacifier. No matter what group you fall into, I think every one of us realizes, at some point in our adulthood, we really do need to be thrown back in time to those days where the ground was made of lava, and oh yeah..... blankets made fine forts. I do believe for me, that point was when my little girl was born.

The beginning.....

It starts when you cant wait for them to be able to crawl, so that you can chase them around and play funny games. And it continues well on into their walking days. At that point they are learning to build with blocks and the moment, that little lady put a blanket over her head and ran around in circle, I knew. This is it....she is ready....

See..... working in an office all day, with grouchy old people, spending many years in university, sleepless nights with your head in a book, countless hours of watching the horrific world we live in on the news, and paying 100,001 bills, but the one you don't pay, well its the reason you will now pay an extra 1% APR on your car payment, that stuff really makes you forget what is important in life. And the memories of the imagination you had as a kid, well they have long disappeared as a result. So when my daughter put her blanket over her head and said, "tent...... tenet.... tent", that was the moment when nothing else matters. Because Ladies and Gentlemen, it was indeed time to build a Blanket Fort.

For you see, those are the moments where we experience our kidulthood, and for some of us, that may be very rare.

Building a Blanket Fort

1. Insure that you have plenty of oddly colored blankets. At least one blanket should be spotted, or rainbow striped.

2. Place one side of the largest blanket a safe distance above your head. Open a drawer on the other side of the room. Place the opposite end of the blanket into the top drawer, or second from top drawer, of the dresser and proceed to close drawer.

See example 2 ------->

3. Repeat steps 1 - 2 interlacing said blankets to create an impenetrable fortress.

Note: Avoid using heavy items to weigh down blanket on any one side for the purpose of supporting the structure. Achtung!! This may result in serious Bubu's, or in more severe cases ouchies.

The Result


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    • cfin profile image

      cfin 4 years ago from The World we live in

      Hi moon lake. It's a great childhood memory for every child and something that is such fun. Creativity, adventure, imagination and fun. All in a blanket. :)

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      Our kids loved blanket forts and I helped them build the forts. When I was a kid we built our forts on the clothesline, mother had no where to hang her clothes. Enjoyed your hub voted up.

    • cfin profile image

      cfin 5 years ago from The World we live in

      I'm glad you all liked it :) it was inspired by my little lady.

    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 5 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      This was Funny and entertaining to read!! I loved the final result of the kids used to love the forts we built and now wonder if they imagined the same final result we did with our blankets!! :)

    • nanderson500 profile image

      nanderson500 5 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Agree, very entertaining article!

    • josh3418 profile image

      Joshua Zerbini 5 years ago from Pennsylvania


      Very funny article, great job! I enjoyed the 100,001 bills! LOL