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Whose fault these kids Part (3)

Updated on October 25, 2011

Train a child , the way he should be:

Children are a blessing from the most high: So train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he would not depart from it.
In the few short hubs I wrote about: “Whose fault these children?”
Let us now imagine exactly what we do in this life as adults and also as parents, those of us who are. As we have come to understand our own life. When the subject that’s on the table for discussion are all pertaining to the roles of the parent and the parents expectations of the child.
I sincerely wish that every parent had been blessed with the ability to make this understanding crystal clear with their children, so that it is able to resonate throughout the child’s life, thus saving plenty of otherwise wasted time, which in the past led mothers like mine,
to say to me son:
Time wasted, can never be regained. Bless you my dear mother.
Now visually, and that’s the way many parents judge their children ability to learn, from the moment those parents see their kids doing something new, that’s learning to them.
Let me try at this time to help correct all guilty parents.
Children start to learn from the moment they are my keen observation of truly when parents really starts acting protectively over their precious child’s life, and what I observe, is that it is clearly from its inception, the moment that they know they are pregnant the overly protective parents whose method immediately kicks in to overdrive. It's like they are almost announcing to the world, watch out, "am pregnant here" what will actually be the beginning of an ongoing effort to be the protector to everyone involved.

All these occurrences and pride filled moments are exactly what should be used later in that child’s life as the foundational tools.These are the types of stories from which a baby quickly draws strength from and easily learns truth. It is quite a thing to show your child the truthful way, he/she is also human and will know there is a certain degree of urgency out here . It was not always like this but these days everything takes half the normal time it uses to.
By quickly training up that child the way he should go, the risk of that child's life coming back to haunt you will be greatly diminished. These lessons, they can later use for their own possible journey through life, and also in their overall survival. If you don't teach them to do the necessary things now, how foolish can you be, to not see that you are sealing your own doom? Whose responsibility is it to teach them everything?
Any child would be blessed to be the recipient of the truth about their lives stemming from the possible conception, all the way through to their birth.
No excuses, just the truth, that’s awesome! Letting your child know that life is no bed of roses if he/she is not able to suck up enough nutrient in the early stages when their minds are the most receptive.Those parents that choose to start speaking that Gibberish and redundancy, which makes absolutely no sense,and does nothing good for the child, other than show the true and selfish nature of the parents, by them doing only what they saw others do, instead of doing what they know is good to do,for the child.

You don’t play with babies after birth;

you care for them and train them.Why do so many parents go on to create that new and useless language, which usually cannot be interpreted later. You already know that there is no interpretation for that old, and very famous, even destructive GU GU Ga Ga.
Yet still you continue to fill your child’s mind with a language, which he/she must find out later, that they have absolutely no use for.
What will they then do with this already stored information?
Usually you would observe parents filling up the cradle, bed, play area, and even their children’s head, with thoughts of toys, as opposed to truthful things, like honesty and things which they are aware of, that will makes their children stronger physically, spiritually and mentally.
Those things which we as adults and even as parents, have ourselves have realized that it will make all the sense in the world, now that we as adults are being able to take a look at our past, when we were children ourselves and know what is good.
Why should we, after swearing that we definitely want what’s best for our kids. After learning from our own selves, it becomes a shame to look at the state of affairs between children and parents today.
We are aware of the things that yield these longest lasting benefits.
Look at the hundreds of dollars worth of toys, useless costumes, and other junk you have accumulated over the years, resulting sometimes in such great shortages of things that you know are of much better for your kids and greater in the overall value.
Things like you hoping, instead of insuring, that what you are doing is correct, like saving for your child’s college tuition or trade school fees.
The end result is usually student loans debts and even mortgage shortage, and loss of your homes sometimes, bad credit for all in the family.
Count the amount of year’s worth of toys and other useless spending habits, that some parent’s end up throwing away and they did nothing for the child. Don’t buy love; it will end when you are out of money. Teach love and when it’s coming around again it would not pass you by. See why the kids that turns out the best, never forgets their
Grand parents. Have you ever though of why?
So parents must learn from their own past, and the unlimited paintings that’s on display, about the past of others.
Because children don’t simply wake up one day and become bad children, there was this gradual process, directly in front of your faces,
Which you, the parents have selfishly missed.
You may not like the word selfish, but I dare not say “neglect.” take your pick.
Watching Parents and children as they continue to fool around with each other and also with themselves, especially in these times.
I tried my utmost, to get the parents I have been around, to realize, that they are living in a world of people, unless it’s their intention to live like hermits, all the days of their lives.
Most can’t afford to live like hermits, so it’s welcome to your world.
In here, no one owes the other anything, in the lines of how you should raise your children, or how you should not raise your children.
Again because this is world of other people, and with your kid’s most likely being, the ones who are, the new kids on the block.
New to the way this world functions, and you, the parent, owes then that much, for being your child.
To teach them that all those familiar lessons you have learned. It should be very clear to you now, the way you faced and handled it your life growing up. Everyone on this earth was born the son or daughter to someone already in existence.
The first few years of any child’s life will be of the utmost importance, to both parent and child. Very important, because it will play a tremendous part in how you, the parent continue through the remainder of your own physical life, having these great responsibilities.
Based on what they are taught by their parents, most children will also see the significance of these early training lessons and be able to catch on and maintain that routine.
This world of other people would always also, present other kids, to whom your kids can compare their own standards to. Parents should not have to be going through parental training after having their kids are born and grown when they were once kids themselves, who also had beautiful parents themselves.
That will definitely be considered lazy and selfish; they should have already been prepared in some way or another, at least one of them.
During the early years of a child’s life, a parent’s complaint should never be one of the situations being too much of anything. Expensive, stressful or otherwise! It should be of no bother what so ever, and all this you should have already known long before having that child, so now it’s simply too late. Because kids will be kids, making the only and most important difference in every case to be:
“These are your kids.”
This one and only significance of major importance, and truly the only one that matters. Like my dear mother would say: this is where you separate the sheep from the goat.
These are the standards by which others will characterize, and put some kind of significance to the mother in you. Which will then speak volumes obout you, and your definition of the true purpose of raising children?
Your chance to show the world what your parents showed you, and what you added to that equation, making it even better.
After whatever time they spent with their parents, they must then go out and innocently face the world, their performance at home and their performance in society, will then be confronted with that same choice every person in this life have to make. Should I go, or should I stay?
This decision is usually not a difficult one, and it’s mostly based on the levels of parenting skills these specific kids were exposed to.
It’s quite easily understood, because the parents themselves were faced with this very same dilemma at one time.
Kids belonging to parents, who are unselfish, and are thinking correctly, will have a very easy transition into this usually uncertain future.
But the ones with selfish and misinformed parents will most definitely have their work cut out for them. They are usually the ones left in state of confusion and turmoil. They learned little at home, and a whole ton load, on the outside, making them more a kid belonging to the outside, influence, than the influence in their own parents home.
I carefully picked out my choice of words before by alerting the kids to the difference between these types of parents, also letting them know that all is not lost. Although they will most definitely have their work cut out for them, there are many pluses, and Guess what? That latter situation with the selfish parents, the ones not understanding their true role as parents, allowing their selfishness, to take over, and feeding the kid what they think the kid wants, and also what they choose.
Instead of what they “know the kid truly Needs.”
Even that unfortunate situation usually turns out to be one that is laden with great inspiration, to children that are correct in their way of being. Great children are able to read between the lines especially pertaining to situations within their homes, where amazingly they will come up with ideas and suggestions that are usually labeled as being beyond their years. They usually will step up to the plate!
Blessings and Give Thanks.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Great advice Sky. A parent has many responsibilities, the greatest is love for all people..Thank you..

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      If only they can truly understand, the rewards of being first a parent to the children and not take that inviting Thank you jlald for insightful addition, feel free to stop by anytime and leave a comment.

      Watching these new approaches by parents trying by any means possible to first be a friend to their children, who then will "teach and train?"

      Being a parent, is the greatest honor given to mankind after Life itself, it hurts watching that opportunity

      foolishly blown.

      Give thanks ...

    • profile image

      jlald 6 years ago

      Great advice to parents. The furhter disintegration of society rests in the hands of future generations. Instilling morals and good values from an early age is a must!!!