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Born Funny

Updated on October 4, 2011
Are we all born funny?
Are we all born funny?

I am convinced that 99.9% of the population is born funny. Before my babies could talk they were making me laugh with their facial expressions and attempts to scoot, crawl and toddle around.

I think most of us are born with a deep desire to laugh, but misplace our attention somewhere along the way. We grow serious. We think about money, responsibilty, competition and getting ahead. Or we bury it under self-doubt thinking “what if I say that and no one laughs.” The most tragic, is the person who has lost the ability to see the absurdity of the world and chuckle. They have replaced their sense of humor with bitterness.

Clearly, the ability to laugh at oneself is a trait worth developing. I am getting really good at this one. I have to. It seems that the older I get the more frequently I slip, unknowingly into flakiness. What happened to wisdom with age? Last week I managed to smack myself in the face with a car door. I couldn’t laugh at that moment, as I was laying in the driveway wailing, but I laughed soon after. My husband laughed with me.

7 Year-Old Comedian

9 Year-Old Stand-Up Comic

My 4 year-old is obsessed with knock knock jokes, she told the same joke over and over for weeks. We finally bought her a book that she has since memorized. She laughs in the face of authority, literally. She giggles when someone tries to boss her around, not in rebellion exactly, she just seems to think its amusing.

My 8 year-old prefers potty humor (which I don’t usually appreciate). “Wait ‘till your father gets home, ” means "save it for Dad, please!. " She also has a way with words. She said the following to her grandmother recently:

“So what if you’re old and don’t look as good as you used to. At least you don’t suck!

My very cool mom loved this compliment of sorts and told everyone she knows.

Our littlest girl is amused by our pets, including feeding our dieting dog and dropping food onto her her head from the highchair. Her daily mission consists of chasing the cat in circles so she can proceed to yank her tail causing the poor kitty to meow. She clears bookshelves with one swipe of her little arm and squeals with delight at the sound of all the pots in the cabinet hitting the floor like rapid fire. Then she stops, raises her arms over her head and proclaims "I DI ATE! OOORAY!" (interpret: I DID IT! Hooray!) and claps with excitement.

Laughing shouldn't stop after childhood!
Laughing shouldn't stop after childhood!

Stay Funny

Laugh and learn from silly, playful children. Entering their realm for just a few minutes everyday will lift your spirits. They'll love the company. Nurture your sense of humor and theirs, and if there aren’t any kids in your life to make you laugh on a daily basis, take a look at the young stand-up comedians in the videos above on the right.

There are a few, select people out there that are not funny, were never funny and never will be. If you bump into them on the street because you were so busy laughing that you didn’t notice them, be polite. Imagine how hard it is to be them.


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    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 7 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks MotherThumper! Remaining funny all your life is a gift (in my opinion.) Too many people lose their silly sense of humor as they get older. Keep them laughing!

    • MotherThumper profile image

      Jamie Page 7 years ago from Dahlonega, Ga

      Great Hub! I was in the drug store over Thanksgiving acting silly and my cousin turned around and said.. "What's wrong with you?" I just looked at her and said I guess I was born funny. I little light bulb popped up on top of my head and soon there after, it was a new t-shirt design on my website. I was just adding ebay mods to a joke hub I did about a scientist and a frog (Jump Frog, Jump) and I saw this hub with your wonderful title so I thought I'd drop a comment about it. Kids are hilarious!

      I don't know if a link is cool or not but here it is if anybody is interested in the 'Born Funny' design.

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 10 years ago from Connecticut

      Lol! You are so right about the potty humor! I reserve it for when my kids are on the edge of a meltdown, to pull them back. Thanks Rhym :)

    • Rhym O'Reison profile image

      Rhym O'Reison 10 years ago from Crowley, Tx

      I totally agree that we tend to lose our ability to laugh at ourselves, but we are so much happier when we don't. I love being silly with little kids because I don't worry about whether they will laugh or not. If I start to lose my audience, I can always get back on track with a little bathroom humor. Works everytime. Great hub.

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 10 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks, Ripplemaker! It must be so entertaining to work with preschoolers all day! I'm sure it has many challenges too, but those little faces are always enough to make me smile. :) Thanks for reading!

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 10 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I love your little stories. It reminds me of my nephew or the kids in our preschool. And how they contribute to my sanity by making me laugh and smile in unexpected moments. :)