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Breast Pump Accessories for Busy Moms

Updated on January 27, 2010

If you have chosen to use a breast pump to give your baby the best start possible while juggling a busy schedule, there are many breast pump accessories available to make the process just a little easier. These breast pump accessories are especially useful for busy moms to ensure that your baby receives the freshest milk possible, and that the process is as comfortable for you as possible.

Breastpump and Accessory Wipes

It is essential for your  baby’s health to keep your breast pump and all accessories clean and sanitary. If you’re using your breast pump away from home, wipes are a great investment for quick, easy, and effective clean up. Look for wipes specifically designed to clean breast pumps, and that are free of alcohol, bleach, or fragrances. Generic wipes usually contain these elements and can be harmful to your baby if mixed with the milk.

Car Chargers

If you are using an electronic breast pump such as a Medela breast pump, it will need to be charged between uses. If you travel frequently, a car charger for your breast pump will be very useful.  These chargers are adapters that plug into your cigarette lighter. Chargers for Medela breast pumps, like accessories of most other brands, are compatible with different kinds of Medela pumps.

Breast pump bag or pack

Transporting your breast pump will require that you have an adequate traveling bag or pack. This pack should have storage space for all your accessories, which may include a charger, valve and membrane, containers for the milk, and wipes. Many brands such as Medela, Avent Isis, or Ameda offer bags designed specifically for their breast pumps.

Spare Parts Kit

In order to be prepared for any damage to your breast pump, consider carrying a kit of spare parts with you. Most brands offer spare parts kits that go with their pumps. For electronic breast pumps, these kits generally include tubing, diaphragms, valves, and tubing adapters.

Insulated Tote

Breastmilk should not go unrefrigerated for more than 24 hours. The cooler you store it, the fresher it will be for your baby. So if you are pumping somewhere in which you do not have a refrigerator, an insulated tote is a good alternative for storing breastmilk until you can get home and store it in your refrigerator. Including some ice or a cold pack in the tote is a good idea as well.

Image Credit: Electronics4sale, Flickr


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