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The Guidelines To Get Rid of Bullying For Good

Updated on June 27, 2020

It is chronic!

Though the trend now across the entire globe addresses the phenomenon of Bullying, I would like to say it is not a new issue, rather it is chronic since mankind has been created, and history lists many of its accidents. Unfortunately, all the world has paid attention to it in such a condensed campaign just recently. If only its catastrophic consequences had been realized earlier, we would have saved ourselves much pain.

In my opinion, bullying is the root of most evil on earth. For instance, racism is an aspect of bullying behavior. Many crimes are the result of minor situations of bullying. Grudge and hate feelings can grow crazy from very minor situations of bullying. Even suicide accidents, not all but a big share of them are referred to bullying.

Currently, we see posts on social media, schools awareness announcements and press articles. No doubt that these are good steps but are not considered enough to put an end to it. we need to always remember as parents that our own words to our kids can count as bullying if we don’t watch them properly.

Early Life Bullying

Parents could be a source of bullying unconsciously, while they raise their children. It starts from the very early years of the child when, for instance, parents try to urge them to improve their skills. In addition, friends‘ words or other people’s said out of jealousy can affect them tremendously For the rest of their life. E.g “she has small eyes whereas her brother or sister has bigger ones”, He is really a bloody boy”, her hair is loofah(very frizzy)” why are you not beautiful like your mother” and many words that remain deep inside the child forever.

The child can spend all their life trying to prove the opposite of a negative word said by someone one day, especially within the family, so they can feel they are accepted and no longer have the bad image. Such a suffering can easily lead to committing suicide.

How To Get Over It?

The only way to erase this impact is to fortify your child’s self-esteem. Your words have the permanent effect. Your words are the shield that protects them from falling in the hole of the negative thoughts, then loss of self-confidence and hence, the inability to live properly in the society.

Fortunately, the human memory adapts itself once the person succeeds in something or when receives a positive thought about themselves. The confidence and self-esteem are enhanced gradually till all the bad memories fade away or till lose its negative impact.

Thank God that change is the main theme of our life.

The School’s Role

Schools play a significant role in facing this issue. They are not only required to give advice or instructions, but also there is a practical method to stop it. They should give significance to the bullied child and assign him important tasks, so they feel their self-esteem and their colleagues know how they are mistaken and try to be like them.


The Bully’s Family

On the other side, let’s see the side of the bully’s family. Unfortunately, most not all families don’t care if their child is a bully, rather some families feel content that their child is so, believing that it is a positive point or that they have a strong personality!!!!!

The solution here lies in the parents’ conscience and principles.

The religious awareness is as significant as the humane causes since bullying is a refused behavior and prohibited in all religions.

What If The Child’s Grown Up With This Issue?

The same solution tactic applies on adults. They can resist it by persisting in ignoring it, and moving on to be better persons with more self-confidence. Success in their life would be the greatest punishment to the bully as well.

In addition, seeking a psychiatrist’s help is not shameful. On the contrary, it is very recommended for healing rapidly and maintaining psychological health.

In conclusion, all the society’s parties are required to collaborate their efforts and fight together, hand in hand, in order to defeat this destructive phenomenon.


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